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Scorpio October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Scorpio Zodiac Sign!

Scorpio October Horoscope 2016- Overview

Dear Scorpio, in October 2016 your thinking is strongly influenced by habits and impulsive reactions fueled by the subconscious. If you always eat when you are lonely or go shopping when you are blue then in October 2016 it will be harder to curb those habits; likewise, if you have given up smoking you may find it harder to resist the temptation of a ciggie in October 2016. Much of the way you react to situations is compulsive and may not be logical, and your decision-making is also highly subjective and even biased, so it is not the best time to make critical choices.

You can be rather coy and secretive – you are a dark horse and may keep your true feelings secret, which can be a very helpful thing.

In October 2016, Scorpio will seek refuge from the madding crowd – Scorpio is a sign who values seclusion and privacy, even if you have strong influences from signs like Gemini and Leo you will still need periods of quiet where you keep you own council and enjoy your own company. Rest and quiet contemplation are vital for your mental health in October 2016; it is almost as if you have to recharge your batteries by just cutting yourself off from the rat race. You may book a weekend away to somewhere quiet by a lake or in the mountains, or perhaps you will curl up with a book and lock the door. It is a time you need to escape with your imagination into another world.

In all health related issues, REST is the key in October 2016. If you do get the flu or have another kind of health problem right now, it is a message to you to slow down and get much-needed rest. A bout of flu may be just what you need to give yourself an excuse to have that much-needed break.

2016 Scorpio October Love Horoscope

If you and your partner are very close, you can use in October 2016 to escape together on a romantic break away from the kids, your friends and your family. If you have felt as if your partner has been invading your space, this may be the ideal time to spend a little quality time apart – absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Escapism and fantasy are very important for your sex life in October 2016 – you must break the routine and recapture the romance with music, movies and even love letters to each other. Do not overanalyze yourself or your partner, the best thing in October 2016 is to let go of everything – fears, worries, anxieties and guilt – allow yourself freedom to enjoy yourself and be carefree. Leave your problems outside of the bedroom door and make sure your love life is an impenetrable bubble of love and bliss, one part of your life free of hassle and worry.

Also, let go of an obsession with details and being perfect in every way – nothing is perfect, and imperfections are actually quite intriguing and sexy. Embrace who you are and accept yourself in every way, this will aid all your love relationships new and old, and intimacy can reach a new level.

Scorpio Career Horoscope October 2016

Scorpios form strong bonds and lasting friendships with work colleagues, and in October 2016 those friendships are especially rewarding and fun. You may make new friends at work, and the camaraderie and shared experience of working towards goals with others make work a pleasure. This is a very good month for Scorpios who work in careers where your achievements affect wider society and your community: this may be political activism, social work, humanitarian work, nursing, animal welfare or green campaigns. You can communicate effectively and get more exposure for your work, which can help bring in funds and further your aims.

It is important for those who run businesses to be mindful of issues like the environment, employment law and fairness and equality in the workplace. If you are an employee, you may be instrumental in helping or encouraging those you work with to be greener, open-minded and more socially aware and active.

In October 2016, you can steal a march on your competitors (in business or within your firm) by being a little out there – do not be afraid to innovate and embrace the wild and wacky.

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