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Scorpio On Eight House Cusp

Scorpio On Eight House Cusp

Scorpio On Eight House Cusp

Scorpio in 8th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Eighth House

With the sign in its natural house placement, you likely seek power, control, and/or influence through money, material possessions, and/or sex. Be aware of how you can use your deep emotional connection with another as motivation to establish a healthy and balanced resource partnership (true and equal sharing).

Otherwise, you may find that you use the ‘sharing’ of resources as a tool for acquiring power and control over your partners, or submitting yourself to power, control and sometimes even blatant manipulation by your partner (co-dependent relationships). Themes of power and control (and the wounds that may be present as result) are at the fore of all of your intimate connections, and there is great potential for the deep and life-altering healing of these wounds with this placement.

Since Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house, its location in any horoscope on this cusp further emphasizes the quality of Scorpio relating, or functioning through the affairs of that house. As stated before, Scorpio is the gateway to great spirituality. There should be no limit to the heights that Scorpio can achieve in the Search for Truth itself, Metaphysics, Astrology. All too often on mundane level, the Scorpion stands aloof from this type of activity. Most of this aloofness, in reality, is based upon a fear of the involvement in such things as phenomena, psychic qualities.

This position of Scorpio further emphasizes the sensitivity resident within the sign itself and indicates the psychic ability of the Scorpion. Here, again, involvement in group activities is most important for Scorpio on the cusp of that eighth house, and these group activities should center around some Search for Truth, some discipline which would lead to the essence of Truth itself.

The Scorpion activities here should include a wide range of subjects and interests, rather than narrowing in on just a few, as might be the tendency according to particular likes and dislikes to the exclusion of all others. It brings in the need for integration and the ability to observe and recognize the interdependence and interrelationships of all things.

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