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Scorpio On Eleventh House Cusp

Scorpio On Eleventh House Cusp

Scorpio On Eleventh House Cusp

Scorpio in 11th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Eleventh House

You may find yourself facing your fears and experiencing your deepest emotional and spiritual intimacies with your friends and acquaintances. You probably feel more comfortable addressing these issues in group settings rather than on a one-on-one basis.

By dealing with or experiencing them with others in a group dynamic, things tend to remain more generalized than personalized…which is exactly how you want it. This way, you don’t get too much attention placed on your individual self and your own inner workings. Keeping it light, easy and generally applicable is important to you as you definitely want to avoid making this kind of subject matter too personal…or too popularly known. You may go as far as keeping your group affiliations and associations secret from others by participating in “secret” groups, clubs, or social circles in order to protect your personal privacy.

Dealing with relationships, we are again concerned with how Scorpio will develop relationships. Is there in the Scorpio the awareness of itself, for we certainly cannot relate to others if we are having problems relating to self? It is interesting, too, that with Pluto, there is a problem of self-identification, especially in the first twenty-eight years of the Scorpio’s life.

When it comes to relationships, it appears that the Scorpio on the cusp of the eleventh house that there could be a lack of affinity when it comes to dealing with other people, a lack of being able to identify self with public needs, public trends, social trends of the times. All of this indicates, of course, that in the past there was this lack and, very often, could imply with Scorpio on the cusp of the eleventh house, that in some past incarnation, Scorpio was an obstacle to social progress of mankind.

With Scorpio on the cusp of the eleventh house, there is the responsibility of the proper development of relationships, self with others, self with the world. And by direct reaction to that fifth house, we are again involved with the creative aspect. Pluto is a creative planet; perhaps the Scorpio on the cusp of the eleventh house would not be as creative as he should be. Scorpio could take creative talents too much for granted, or not work that hard at them. Now, by being creative in our relationships, we mean how the Scorpio would relate to people on all different levels, from the viewpoint of a person who is uneducated, a dogmatic religionist, an atheist – how would the Scorpio develop relationships with these different levels of awareness or consciousness?

Scorpio tends to take things for granted, especially with regard to his own activities and endeavors. He should be more open-minded, especially regarding other people’s approaches to relationships and involvements so that he does not dominate in a relationship, but rather forms an harmonious unit within the involvement in terms of the other person’s needs and expressions also.

Again, referring back to Pluto, we are involved with compulsive tendencies on the part of Pluto from past incarnations, and there could be a compulsive tendency on the part of Scorpio on the cusp of the eleventh house to dominate others, to hold people to themselves, not granting the freedom for others “to be” and “to become.”

It is interesting that Scorpio is considered the “snobby” sign of the zodiac, so snobbishness should not be one of the obvious qualities of Scorpio when it is on the cusp of the eleventh house. To sum up the affairs of Scorpio on the cusp of the eleventh house, it might be said that the Scorpion needs to “get out of his own hide.”

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