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Scorpio On Fifth House Cusp

Scorpio On Fifth House Cusp

Scorpio On Fifth House Cusp

Scorpio in 5th House – Scorpio on the Cusp of the Fifth House

You find the most pleasure and joy in your recreational pursuits when there is emotional, spiritual, and/or physical vulnerability allowed. This placement lends itself to extreme behaviors and people who are eager and willing to put themselves into life-or-death situations as a form of recreation.

If you are not an extreme athlete, it would not be uncommon for sexual activity to be the (probable) preferred method of recreational activity. Sex in its own right isn’t so much the goal here, though. Scorpio isn’t afraid to get into the deep, dark corners of one’s psyche…so there is plenty of play going on in this placement, literally and figuratively. The point of all of your extreme activity is to develop and experience both the mastery and the surrender of control and power. Whatever it is you do for fun, you definitely do with an all-or-nothing attitude.

Again, it must be emphasized that the main character or quality of the fifth house that we are concerned with on this level of astrology is the characteristic or quality of creativity. The normal conservative or reserve facet of Scorpio could prevent the Scorpio from being creative, especially by reaction to the eleventh house, in his relationships. The responsibility of Scorpio is the creativeness in which he develops relationships with others.

Here, on the cusp of the fifth house, Scorpio should not be an observer, an evaluator, standing in judgment. The natural rulership of Leo of this house could assist the Scorpio in “shining forth,” being more active when it comes to group work. This could also represent a conflict with the Leo desire for being on stage, and the Scorpio quality of wanting to work quietly behind the scenes. Since Leo is involved with the ego and Scorpio tends to want to control people and situations, this coupling here should not surface as egotism. The subtle quality of Leo is important, for the Leo has to learn concern and consideration for others, and, of course, Scorpio on a low octave couldn’t care less.

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