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Scorpio On First House Cusp

Scorpio On First House Cusp

Scorpio On First House Cusp

Scorpio in 1st House – Scorpio on the Cusp of the First  House

You likely perceive your ability to control your emotional expression as having strength, and your ability to influence the emotions of others as having power. You feel things very intensely, and do your best to keep your own emotional vulnerability hidden under wraps. Yet because you are so emotionally sensitive, your emotions often get the better of you in some way, no matter how hard you try to pretend they aren’t there.

Notice if you tend to seek out or attract people you either perceive as your equals and peers (if you are confident an secure in your self-identity) or as weaker than you (if you are insecure). Also be aware of your tendency to attract conflicts or power struggles with others who have their power or control issues to work out or work through (or who are reflecting your own power and control issues back upon you).

This location ff Scorpio has the responsibility of the proper development of a personality which reflects its application to life itself. It would be the type of personality which would not be aloof from the rest of mankind. Involvement would be a characteristic of this personality. Often the Scorpio person tends to be aloof from most people, conservative, reserved. The responsibility of the first house Scorpio would be the elimination of an aloofness so that people could respond to the warmth of the water quality involved in this sign.

Since in each incarnation, Scorpio represents the gateway to great spirituality, the location of Scorpio on the cusp of the first house would indicate that the great spiritual development in this incarnation could demonstrate itself through the proper use of the personality, how he presents himself to the world, how the world sees him. By being the gateway to great spirituality, it is not implied that the person perfects himself on a spiritual level. In each lifetime we must develop spirituality.

It is through the sign of Scorpio, wherever it is located, that man can achieve that great spirituality. And in each lifetime this is true wherever Scorpio is in a chart. This is the area for the greatest spiritual development. Of course, the spiritual development would have to be correlated with the location of planets and aspects and the other signs on the cusps of the houses, or house affairs. No one must feel that if he achieves great spirituality in a lifetime through the sign of Scorpio, that he is then freed from the wheel of reincarnation and karma.

With the first house being ruled by Scorpio in a chart, the individual should be active in group affairs. Through this first house position, the ego should be expressed in the highest, that is, most universally beneficial way of which the person is aware. He should look to the eagle, symbolic of the lofty aspirations of the higher octave of Scorpio, rather than being immersed in the lower octave expression, symbolized by the scorpion.

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