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Scorpio On Fourth House Cusp

Scorpio On Fourth House Cusp

Scorpio On Fourth House Cusp

Scorpio in 4th House – Scorpio on the Cusp of the Fourth House

The foundation of your personal-private persona is your need to experience emotional-spiritual intimacy. Your home and around your loved ones is where you let your guard down and reveal just how emotionally vulnerable you can be and how emotionally deep you can go.

That said, you won’t reveal your depths easily. It can be a long time before you are willing to trust, let your guard down,and allow others to see you truly “at home”. This is likely because “home” for you may be full of things that reveal your personal preferences, which are usually rather extreme or intense for others to face or deal with.

Sometimes, there may be some intimacy, power, or control issues being created or dealt with in or as result of the home or family environment as well.

Here, again, the aloofness of Scorpio can be a deterrent since, normally, on a very mundane level, Scorpions do not like to be involved in the lives of other people. This location emphasizes the great need within the Scorpion for involvement. By involvement we do not mean interfering in other people’s lives. What is meant by this involvement of the fourth house is that through the knowledge that Scorpio can acquire through a Search for Truth, through the great spirituality development.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the Fourth House can help other people find meaning, direction, and purpose to life. Of course, it necessitates that the Scorpion must find these things for himself first before we can give anything to anyone else. We must have something within ourselves to give – something that we have developed and experienced. The Scorpio person frequently has a powerful aura or presence which other people sense, and he should be cautious that this is a beneficial aura, having a good and harmonious effect on other people. The aura itself represents the environment in which our body is encased wherever we go, and what is in our auric field has tremendous impact on others.

Scorpio on the Cusp of the Fourth House seem to go in either one direction or the other; that is, they either experience great heights or go to great depths within their lives. Since this is also communicated to others, they should be careful not to pull other people down with them if they go in a negative direction, but rather should aspire to bring others up along with them by aiming to ascend to the heights. Here Scorpio should watch the extreme and not fall into the trap of being a “do-gooder,” but actually performing constructive service.

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