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Scorpio On Ninth House Cusp

Scorpio On Ninth House Cusp

Scorpio On Ninth House Cusp

Scorpio in 9th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Ninth House

You are very emotionally invested into your spiritual, religious, and/or philosophical beliefs, and you attract and/or seek out others who have an open mind to what you have to offer philosophically and intellectually. You want to teach others about power and control and how to wield it, and others will come to you because they believe or perceive you to have access to the mysteries of the belief system or philosophy in question.

Be careful that this doesn’t become something where you use your power and influence as a teacher or mentor to control or manipulate your students into questionable behaviors or positions. If any house placement for Scorpio is inclined, it would be this one. Be aware of the power you have and how you choose to use it. Use the healthy wisdom of your life experiences to navigate your own course and your coursework for others.

Here, again, we must emphasize the need for the involvement of the Scorpion in intellectual pursuits of a higher nature, higher education. Scorpio here should be interested in philosophy, psychology, religion. There could be a tendency for dogmatism, which Scorpio must avoid. There could be a tendency, also, for being very critical, judging others, not taking into consideration the differences of likes and dislikes and the appeal of different disciplines for all people.

Since the ninth house is directly opposite the third house, it further emphasizes the need for Scorpio to communicate, but to communicate on a higher level. However, the problem might be that Scorpio might tend to communicate only on an abstract level, rather than on a practical, mundane level. Scorpio likes to research subjects, dig into and discover their essence. He then must bring out the results of these researches to others for their enlightenment also.

It is not easy for Scorpio on the cusp of the ninth house to function from the Christ Concept of harmony (with others) and wisdom (knowledge applied to life). It should also be remembered that Scorpio on the cusp of the ninth house completes the third quartile of the “we” concept, the identification of self with all of life, so that Scorpio on the cusp of that ninth house brings in the possibility of this completion of the self from the viewpoint of not-self, but not through a loss of self-identification.

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