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Scorpio On Sixth House Cusp

Scorpio On Sixth House Cusp

Scorpio On Sixth House Cusp

Scorpio in 6th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Sixth House

Your day-to-day life is all about finding and experiencing emotional-spiritual intensity and depth, but also maintaining control and power as you go about finding it. There is nothing that is mundane or ordinary to you – you look at every little detail of your everyday life as having a deeper meaning or order.

You can be detail-oriented to the point of obsession, and can drive others crazy with your meticulous nature. Though you make a big deal about the details, you also like to keep those details to yourself. You don’t let others know how you get things done in your everyday life – you just allow them to see that it gets done. This is because you want to maintain control in and power over the details of your daily life, and not open yourself up to a potential loss of control or power over your lifestyle.

The public concern is most important with Scorpio on this cusp. Since Pluto is the natural ruler of the higher octave and deals with healing forces, Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house should be concerned with some health aspect, health programs, the promoting of community health activities, propaganda on a public level, alerting people to health conditions, health hazards, etc. It has always been said in astrology that Scorpio makes a very good nurse, but a colder type, not allowing the individual or the patient to wallow in self-pity, or feel sorry for himself. Scorpio can snap the person out, make them face the reality of the situation and be more positive. The position of Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house could be an excellent nurse, but must incorporate more of a warmth and feeling and consideration for the patient.

Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house could be an excellent promoter of the latest techniques of holistic healing, psychic healing, psychic surgery. Mars ruling the lower octave of Scorpio rules doctors, sharp instruments, surgery, so the health aspect here should be taken into consideration by anyone who has Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house. Of course, it means involvement in public life.

The intuitive and psychic quality of Scorpio could enter into the picture for the possibility of being a psychic healer and also, very accurate in any type of diagnostic work when it comes to a problem, whether it is a health problem or a community activity. Here, too is an outlet for Scorpio in a higher perspective which, again, the Scorpio possibly would not enjoy, and that is one of being a counselor, a guidance director. The Scorpion could be a very good family counselor; however, there is this conflict because the Scorpion does not want to hear about anybody else’s problems.

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