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Scorpio On Tenth House Cusp

Scorpio On Tenth House Cusp

Scorpio On Tenth House Cusp

Scorpio in 10th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Tenth House

Your public or professional identity is one of power, intensity, and mystery. People often aren’t sure how to approach you, even though they are magnetically drawn to you. It’s as if they know there’s something going on below the surface and they want to know what it is…but they also somehow know that if they find out they “may not get out alive”.

Your presence in the lives of others transforms them in such a way where they (or their business) may be unrecognizable to themselves after working with you. Those who are not wanting to experience the depths of their emotional or spiritual soul may be afraid of you, intimidated by you, or steer clear of you altogether. Don’t take it personally – they just aren’t sure how to interact with or respond to you.

This position is where Scorpio can make its contribution to life. We are concerned mainly with the tenth house being the area in which we contribute to life. Scorpio tends to take from life from the viewpoint of its own personal security. Here, again, is involvement, being aware of the fact that “so freely as we receive, so freely must we give.”

Scorpio must come to the realization that each and every individual unit of manifested life must contribute to the overall pattern of life itself. The non-involvement, the aloofness of Scorpio must give way to participation in life.

Also, by direct reaction to the fourth house, it is through this recognition and participation by Scorpio that Scorpio can influence and affect other people. In thinking in terms of the affairs of the tenth house, the area that Scorpio should be most cautions about is propaganda, advertising. There should be an honest approach in these areas, rather than a manipulative one. Pluto, as the natural ruler of the higher octave further emphasizes the impact upon mass consciousness that Scorpio could have, and any contribution to life by Scorpio should be from the consideration of how it will affect the masses, rather than just a few.

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