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Scorpio On Third House Cusp

Scorpio On Third House Cusp

Scorpio On Third House Cusp

Scorpio in 3rd House – Scorpio on the Cusp of the Third  House

You tend to intellectualize your emotions and deepest intimacies. To you, there isn’t much in of life that simply happens – you are constantly looking for a deeper meaning in virtually everything that comes into your life. Talking with others about intimate topics or private matters comes easily for you. In fact, you may often find yourself in a listener role where others come to you to share their thoughts or concerns or even secrets about money and possession and/or sex and intimacy.

You probably won’t mind this a bit as you won’t have to disclose much of anything about yourself if you’re listening to them. But when you do speak, you likely ask a lot of questions and/or acknowledge common experiences. You also pay a great deal of attention to your own emotional responses to things and to the emotional expressions of others – you learn about your own preferences through them.

It is this location which should emphasize to the Scorpion the value of the self involved with mankind, brotherhood. Scorpio, which does not like to communicate or get too personal with others, must develop the quality of communicating knowledge and sharing experiences with others. There must not be the selfish gathering or garnering of truth purely for self, but as it relates to all of mankind and, also, helps mankind.

There must also not be the domination of thought, forcing opinions upon others because of the quality of Pluto ruling the higher octave of Scorpio. This, often, does not permit the freedom of thought or the opinions of others to be presented. In differences of opinion with others, the Scorpio must learn to “turn the other cheek” and allow the other person to have his own expression, for this is necessary for many people to learn for themselves. Since the third house is also the house of publishing, the Scorpion should present his thoughts to others through publishing in either an oral or written fashion.

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