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Scorpio On Twelfth House Cusp

Scorpio On Twelfth House Cusp

Scorpio On Twelfth House Cusp

Scorpio in 12th House – Scorpio on the cusp of the Twelfth House

There is a lot of emotional and spiritual sensitivity in this placement, and if you’re open to it, you can feel the emotions and soul energies of others deeply and powerfully…and constantly. It can be challenging being so attuned to those around you, as you may find that you have difficulty determining what feelings are your own and which ones belong to others only to end up taking on others’ emotions as your own.

This placement can also result in your being a martyr or victim to others in regard to financial, material, or physical/sexual power games, manipulation, or outright abuse as they may take excessive advantage of your willingness to put their needs and desires before your own. You may also notice that others permanently borrow (a.k.a. – steal) things from you on a fairly regular basis – this is likely because they want to compromise your power or access your mysterious aura, even though you are often clueless to how powerful and mysterious you unconsciously present yourself to be.

As mentioned before, there is always a double dose of karma. It indicates that in the past there was great abuse or misuse of Truth, Metaphysics, and if Neptune is afflicted in a chart with Scorpio on the cusp of that twelfth house, it implies the black magician of the past, a person involved in witchcraft, involvement in false gods and false religions, especially in the Babylonian period of time.

Referring, again, to the principle of being the gateway to great spirituality, here is the ideal location for the greatest spiritual development. The twelfth house is involved with spirituality. Here Scorpio can achieve Cosmic Consciousness, at-one-ment, the final fulfillment of self as being part of the Macrocosmic, or Cosmic Pattern.

Here we are involved with self-less service by Scorpio to his fellow man. In this position, the ability of Scorpio to delve and to dig and to probe emphasizes the affinity that Scorpio could achieve with universal principles. Since this is the house of soul and karma, it does emphasize the karma of the sign of Scorpio and the soul awareness that Scorpio should be conscious of. Also, Pluto representing personal, individual karma, the Scorpio location indicates that there is the possibility of Scorpio mitigating all of the personal karma from the past, not the totality of karma, but the personal, individual karma.

The idea of mitigation individual, personal karma is an interesting one which requires further delineation. If an individual, in meeting circumstances and involvements on a personal level in his daily life, is able to meet these situations on a spiritual level, that is, understanding the nature of these situations and the Principles underlying them, then he is uninvolved on the personal level in which karma operates. In acting on the spiritual Truth which he has come to know, he has raised the level of his thought from one degree of understanding to the non-involvement of acting on Principle, and thus “risen above” the place where circumstances of karma control him. In truth, he has set aside his own personal imperfect creations, which have returned to him through the law of karma to teach him, and learned to use Cosmic Principle, which creates no disharmony and thus is not subject to the retributive law of karma.

Of course, this also requires an understanding of the various levels of karma. There is planetary karma, there is racial karma, national karma, and family karma. So the person who can rise above all circumstances in life regardless of what the world is going through, regardless of what conditions surround the individual, and can function from a spiritual level himself, he mitigates his own personal karma. He can fulfill himself yet still be involved in life but not let the other karmic implications interfere with his own purpose in life. He is then involved impersonally, rather than personally.

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