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Scorpio Ox Personality

If you’re one of these glittering sociopaths, you sweep across the land with a sound like thunder. Always right, always on top and always working for the next big triumph, the Ox Scorpio may seem like a bit of a shallow social climber. And let’s not be fooled — this is in fact the case.

As an inheritor of the Scorpio syndrome, you live for personal gain and the exercise of power, while your Ox-based work ethic may perhaps explain why you’re so good at acquiring and wielding it.

Ox ScorpioYou are disinterested in competition from any source, which is why you prefer to choose your mates primarily for their good looks and not for their intellectual conversation. It helps, for others romantically involved with you, to be at least as crazy as you are, or at least pretend to be so.

Otherwise you’re liable to get bored with the whole arrangement and kick them unceremoniously to the curb in favor of a more razzle-dazzle drama queen.

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