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The Scorpio Parent

If one of your parents is a Scorpio, they are very intense. They focus completely on whatever they’re doing. Sometimes it may seem like they’re ignoring you, but this isn’t the case at all. Once they finish their task, they will give you their complete attention. Having a Scorpio as a parent is a good thing, since they have you totally figured out and can help you with any problem. But, it is also hard, because you can’t keep any secrets from them — it’s like they can read your mind. Make sure you always tell them the truth and don’t hide things from them. They will value your maturity and give you more freedom.

The Scorpio Child

You are very curious about all sorts of things — and you are fearless about discovering the world. You’re the person in class you actually likes (italics) to dissect frogs! You want to know how things work, so the internal organs of an animal aren’t yucky to you. You like to figure things out and are fond of mysteries and enjoy secrets. People probably tell you all sorts of things, because they trust you. Some people might think you’re shy, but you actually observe kids before you make them a friend. Having a few best friends you can rely on is better than a big crowd that you don’t know well. Read more about The Scorpio Child

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