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Scorpio Pig Personality

The Pig Scorpio is a throbbing python of love. Gifted with stratospheric sex appeal to coincide with your supremely rapacious Porcine libido, you change beds as easily as you change hats, and never fail to bring adequate protection.

Emotionally speaking, however, you’re a cold fish, as all of your inner desires are bound up in your relentless Scorpion’s quest for power, fame and glory, or at least a big bank account.

Pig ScorpioIt’s all right to be relentless in your drive for the top, but you needn’t derive quite so much glee from your fiendish ability to hamstring your opponents on your way up the ladder.

Your least lovable characteristic is your grasping nature — the desire for absolute fealty from those who should love you solely from returned love, and not from a sense of claustrophobic obligation.

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