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Scorpio Rat Personality

Manipulation, anyone? The Scorpio side of you is always out for number one, and the amazing quality of your self-aggrandizing tactics is that you so often get away with it by means of your Rat-induced radiant personal magnetism.

Direct and forthright, you manage to defuse animosity by making no secret of what’s in the deal and for whom. Others can respect such a straight-talking competitor; even if the Rat Scorpio‘s concomitant razor-sharp wit and acid tongue can sometimes keep potential allies at bay unless kept in careful check.

Scorpio Rat PersonalitySuspicions, too, run rampant, and you had better learn to trust your significant other before serious stress-related health problems develop.

Failure, too, must be looked at in its proper perspective, and cannot be allowed to bog you down, hard-driving pragmatist that you are, in a morass of self-loathing. Moral of the story: judge not lest ye be judged!

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