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Scorpio September 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our September 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Scorpio Zodiac Sign!

Scorpio September Horoscope 2016- Overview

Be prepared for some disruption to your life that is beyond your control. Scorpios like to be in control; you do not like surprises and in September 2016 you are going to have to roll with it. Some of the surprising events in September 2016 can be seen as the universe trying to draw your attention to something that you have either pushed to the recesses of your mind or ignored totally. Problems you have avoided can often crop up now in unexpected ways and demand to be dealt with.

It may be the case that you suddenly, without warning, reach the end of your tether on a matter, and in effect throw the baby out with the bathwater in an attempt to free yourself of the problem. You will be inclined to speak and act rashly, and thus things can come to a head quite quickly. It is not a month of holding back.

You know how sometimes you feel something brewing, or you have this feeling of tension as if the storm is about to break – in September 2016 it is Scorpio who may act to precipitate or bring on what is on the verge of happening, almost as if you have to act out what others are holding back on.

You have strong opinions and are not in a compromising mood. It is quite possible that you will have some secret or damaging information that you have to decide how to handle. The way you communicate and what you choose to reveal and when, can have long-lasting and perhaps even serious consequences.

Delay travel and in routine travel be very cautious as accidents are a possibility in September 2016.

September 2016 Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

In September 2016, single Scorpio may well attract a love interest who has similar interests and ideas to you and who can both encourage and improve on your ideas and plans. The more you can bounce ideas off each other, the better the relationship.

Over-eagerness and expectations which are unrealistic can be a problem in all relationships both new and old. There is a mismatch of desire in September 2016 with you wanting one thing and your partner being in a totally different mindset will be wanting another. It can be hard to coordinate yourselves to experience romance and to click physically.

You may feel that you are doing all the loving and giving, and your partner may feel that he/she is giving in a slightly different way. It can be hard for you both to appreciate or place value on what the other is doing, even if you are both doing most things right.

Clashes about how to bring up the kids, how to spend household income, where and if to go on holiday and also arguments to do with each other’s sets of friends can be an issue, these issues will not result in a major argument, but an atmosphere can develop.

Scorpio Career Horoscope September 2016

Dear Scorpio, September 2016 is a very good month for Scorpio in building, civil engineering, business management, accounting and property law. However, for any Scorpio it is a very good time of year for pursuing career landmarks and ambitions – you may want to study for another qualification to enhance your prospects or reputation, or you may ask for a transfer to a different position to gain more experience. Changes in career right now can have an impact on your life, i.e. moving home, travelling to work in a different way, new wardrobe, you may need to get more fit to pass the medical, etc. There are some personal changes you will have to make right now to aid you in your new work role or career.

You are very well organized and methodical right now, which will help you to cope with a large volume of work systematically. You are well equipped right now to manage money, and you should be lucky with money – in your business you will cover costs and turn a profit, and in your personal life you will be able to cover expenses and even set money aside.

September 2016 is an important month to manage your pension or even get some professional advice on your pension savings and how to get more out of savings. If you have not started a pension, think about it now.

You have a high degree of self-discipline, which can aid you immensely in all physical and sporting endeavors – you can push through the pain and tiredness with focus and determination.

Despite your strong individual opinions, you can take orders from superiors and carry them out to the letter, which will earn you credit.

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