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The Truth About Scorpio Sexuality

Let’s make it clear what do astrologists mean when they talk about Scorpio as the most sexual Zodiac Sign?

Individuals born under Scorpio sign can be indeed quite different, which mainly depends on other planets present in a personal horoscope. But considering that sun sign is one of the predominating and significant to describe our personality in general. Concerning sexuality aspect it can be said that the image of Scorpio sexuality is very often somewhat mistaken.

Most will tell you Scorpio is lustful and sex is all he or she is able to think about, which is not quite true. I’d call their style in sex as very profound and complicated. Indeed, they can do just anything in bed, but …not with anyone. Scorpio will always stay secret about his intimate life and you will only have a clue to the depth of his desires looking in his or her eyes.

To dispel the common prejudice, Scorpio’s skillfulness in sex life doesn’t go from their promiscuity, but more from their shrewdness and high sensitivity.

The intensity of their emotions often borders on the extremity: pain and pleasure, suffering, sensuality, exotic practices – all these are essential elements of their sexuality.

Scorpio’s natural desire for intensity and love for revealing the unknown lead them to see sex as not a mere satisfaction of physical needs but purely as all-consuming experience. All or nothing is a key to their relationships with others. You may like sexual encounter or not, but you will definitely won’t be able to forget them.

Keep in mind that Scorpio people are the ones who like to possess and rule, that’s why they probably won’t be a vulnerable side but rather the ones who will exploit you on an unconscious level and leave no chance to leave. But you probably won’t want to do this.

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