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Scorpio Snake Personality

The Snake Scorpio is a veritable time bomb ticking. It does most people more harm than good to get too close to you, and the Snake part of you is aware of this, as you are a very private person who has difficulty opening up to just anyone.

Possession is your watchword, along with “mine!” Once it’s yours, it’s yours forever, and if you can’t have it, no one can.

Snake ScorpioUnfortunately this possessive attitude extends to affairs of the heart as well, and what you previously lacked in nurturing supportiveness, you more than make up for in flat-out Scorpio rage when everything falls apart.

Forgiveness isn’t your strong suit — elaborate plots of revenge may eventually consume what little is left of your love life if you’re not careful to defuse this tendency of yours at its source. Life is too short for destructive scenes, and the more you keep that in mind, the happier you’ll be.

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