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Scorpio Spiritual Meaning

Scorpio Spiritual Meaning

Your Scorpio spirit is passionate, intense, deep and transformational. Your energy is emotional, latent and penetrating.

Scorpio, being true to yourself means challenging your inner fears, daring to release your feelings and your thoughts, learning to love self and to nurture your inherent and undeniable strength.

Your purpose is to take us through our fears, to liberate us from our self imposed darkness’s and to encourage us to explore all of the passions available within life.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…explore a divine mystery, find its truth and then release it. Regale in the intensity of your feelings by expressing them through a creative outlet.

Learn to believe in the difference between fear control and inner strength. Use your profound ability to know the truth to liberate those you love. Spread your wings and soar. Bring your findings back to your world and live in them.

Truth is truth…..but how you receive and perceive it is your grandest strength. Nurture a passion for yourself and for life. Believe in the magic of human. Remember that for every ounce of darkness there is also an ounce of light…find it’s source within your life and walk into it.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

You are the most intense of the water signs, Scorpio, and that means you primarily feel and intuitively live your life based on your reactions and attachments to the emotional currents you tap into. Because you possess an inborn ability to see the utter truth and base of any situation when you are faced with pressure, stress or adversity you tend to grasp onto the facets of the truth which are the darkest… and the most frightening.

The motive behind this is the feeling that if you hold onto them tightly and keep them in your awareness that you have them safe and under control. But this can blindside you and disable you from seeing that for every negative…there is an equal and radiant positive.

Being a fixed sign breaking out of self weakening habit patterns requires diligence and strength. There is, absolutely, power in being able to see the worst of the worst….but by bringing your ability to also believe in the best of the best you free yourself from operating in a self protective mode and transcend fear based actions that hold you back.

The eagle risks his biggest fear when he plunges from the safety of his nest for the first time. To remain forever in his aerie…..would be his ultimate and true death.

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