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Scorpio Tattoo Designs Ideas

Scorpio Tattoo Designs Ideas

Scorpio is a fixed water sign represented by a Scorpion. Scorpions are powerfully dangerous for their size, and like their symbol, Scorpios should never be underestimated because there’s a lot more to them then it seems.

Scorpio Tattoos-The Variety of Ink Designs for Scorpio Tattoos

Scorpions are significant creatures in the animal kingdom because of its ferocious qualities. There are also numerous religious associations of scorpions that make them more appealing to tattoo enthusiasts. The Israelites of the Christian community recognize the influence of scorpions as they perceive that these animals can send the devils away from their homes. Scorpion gems, prints and trinkets are valuable pieces in Tibet, to include various images of scorpions in their temples known as Dharma’s protectors.

Like the Scorpion imagery, another powerful symbol for ink designs is the glyph for Scorpio that bears resemblance to the capital letter “M”, though the right hand line of the symbol has an arrow that tilts in the top direction. You can have your Scorpio tattoos in variety for forms such as the glyph alone, the Scorpion image or the mixture of both. You can also incorporate tribal tattoo designs in your body art, which are popular tattoo icons today.

Scorpions are brave creatures also known for their compelling healing power. You can take pride on your birthday sign by getting a Scorpio tattoo that can tell many things about your personality. The richness of the Scorpion’s imagery presents you with design choices that are distinct and unique for your wonderful personality.

Where you can put Scorpio tattoo?

The longest part of your body such as the arms and the legs, are the most appropriate places where you can ink the Scorpio tattoos since they are usually designed in elongated outlines. You should also be thorough in the size and symmetry of your scorpio tattoo so it can well-adapt to the place you will ink it, especially if you want your scorpio tattoo to be distinguished by others.

An important element you should not forget while you are still on the scorpio tattoo designing process is to devote some time to visit your scorpio tattoo artist and exchange pertinent information with him, so you can have come up with the best zodiac scorpio tattoo possible.

Play with your scorpio tattoo imagination and use you visual talent for you to pull off the best zodiac scorpio tattoo ever.

More Scorpio Tattoo Designs

The scorpion itself can be inked on a Scorpio to represent their astrological sign and also as a metaphor for the powerful and almost deadly hidden nature of a true Scorpio. They can choose to have this sketched in black, or better yet red, which is a lucky color associated with this sign. This can be made into a large or small tattoo, intricately drawn or done in tribal style, the options are limitless and depend on what the individual truly wants.

Since Scorpio is a fixed water sign, the ocean shore can be sketched as landscape for the Scorpion. Other water animals can be added as well, including dolphins, whales, and starfish. Basically whichever sea animals stand out to the particular person. A mermaid tattoo would work perfectly. This beautiful sea maiden is both mysterious and sensual, two main traits of a Scorpio.

The glyph symbol for this sign which looks somewhat like an M curved at the end can be added underneath any particular tattoo or can be tatted on its own, especially if the individual is not fond of sea creatures.

Those born under this sign are passionate, naturally seductive, and have a thirst for power. They are often drawn to the opposite sex and have no problem attracting partners and once they do, their attachment is strong. They are quite possessive of their partners and not only would they get a tattoo describing their love, they would also expect no demand their partner do the same. Matching partner tattoos, such as both getting a love quote by a famous philosopher would be both intellectual and passionate, two typical characteristics of most Scorpios.

They are the type of people that would want their own name or initials tattooed on their partner, and would only then do the same in return. “The best thing to hold on to is each other,” is an example of a quote that defines the passion Scorpios place on their partner.

The Scorpio’s expression of their power hunger is not limited to their lovers but extends to every aspect of their life. The quote “I came, I saw, I conquered,” which was first said by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar which in Latin is “Veni, Vidi Vici,” exemplifies their need to discover and even conquer new situations throughout life. It can be tatted in either language across the ribs, as this is close to their chest and heart and these words carry personal meaning to anyone born under this astrological sign.

The word “Strength” exemplifies the personal strength possessed by Scorpios, an integral part of their identity is remaining strong and keeping their composure despite what life may bring to them. It can be inked on their wrist to show the importance of personal strength in their lives.

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