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Scorpio Tiger Personality

The Tiger Scorpio is one of those hopelessly active and accomplished signs that is always striving for more and greater kingdoms to conquer, preferably by application of overwhelming force in heavy doses.

After all, what good is conquest if you can’t abuse the conquered populace? But watch out — the Scorpion in you has a tendency to apply these brutal scorched earth tactics to your own heart and your own mind.

You are aptly named, as the Scorpion is an arthropod that can sting itself to death in its choked fury, and the Tiger is proverbial for his overweening pride.

You had better run not walk to the nearest dictionary and read the entry for “hubris” before you go any further, unless the spectacle of your own grand impending self-wrought doom hanging over you exerts a sort of weird fascination upon you, which may very well be the case. Cultivate forgiveness, as difficult as that may sound under such circumstances.

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