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The Scorpio Woman

The woman of the sign of Scorpio bound by the strongest internal dynamics that seems rather tearing: in fact, the energy of the sign is of a Yin type and then in a certain sense it accompanies the passive and receptive characteristics of the female world. The planets that have their domicile in the sign, they are tied to the male world, and on the contrary, they represent the true power of the “male” in the planets Pluto and Mars.

This particular ambivalence is strongly impressed in the psyche of the woman of the sign that, in spite of this, manages her personal power that nevertheless must be transformed into real and direct power but that initially is visceral and instinctive, but always indirect and underground.

The Scorpio woman is therefore an archetype of an intense, consumed and incredibly powerful female whose passion and despair go arm in arm and ask for a real ability to manage and transform with the purpose of being able to become completely conscious of the dynamics that can lead to motion.

It is peculiar becaause of living a female energy through a purely male sign and this particularity is quite visible in the formalities that are “creative – destructive” that often characterise the behaviours of natives that fight for the whole of the early part of life in an attempt to deal with compulsive and strongly ambivalent sentiments.

It is about a woman who is extremely seductive, with the strongest sensual and sexual power able to get whatever she really wants with not very ambiguous charm ; unconscious intention and conscious conquest are one. The point is – “how it conquers and how long it is ready to conquer for “.

The myths that can reflect features of our heroine tell of women with particular “magic powers” that these women weave with hardly intelligible wefts, that makes us think about “real charms”, the ability of carrying out the boldest means of “seduction” “leading other, to a “territory” that does not belong to them but that they cannot let go. They are women that are certainly “unforgettable” whose darkness can totally make a man lose his senses.

This is the woman who maintains the strongest relations with the ancestral world and with her visceral ways and therefore can become very dangerous if she goes away from the instinctive side trying to become “rational”, at that point, the prey of Animus.

The word “charm” makes us think of the ability to make a chosen subject fall into a profound sleep then exercise power over him.

In fact, what emerges with most frequency in the myths of the Scorpio woman is the aspect of deductive and manipulative power that can be expressed in several ways, but it is always about something that lets her complete “impossible enterprises” be it winning over a man or obtaining what she badly wants.

We see the Scorpio woman behaving behind the enterprises of powerful men: she is the inspiration; she is the tangled, intelligent woman and accomplice who helps in his conquest and who solves the problems that he would not be able to face alone.

The Scorpio woman is a strong woman, full of talent that has the strongest need to carry things out and for self-assertation in her behaviour, to be able to directly relay her immense creative potential that, otherwise, would be projected to the outside if it was left unsatisfied. She does not tolerate “treason” and can become ferocious if, after having given her all, she is hurt.

Our heroine therefore requires a superior and conscious level of intense sentiments and instinctive potential that needs respect and personal motivation: in fact, all she maintains as a Scorpio must be subject to “transformation” and, therefore, also the woman of the sign needs to find an agreement between her female needs of “reporting and to give life” and the male side of “asserting her power and controlling it”.

Only when this miracle happens on the interior will natives be able to benefit from big and extraordinary possibilities before becoming able to use their power that, at that point, can “improve” things because it has purged all the contradictions and personal ambivalence.

Putting together the energies (male and female) the Scorpio woman develops a strength that leads to creativity, to finding personal power that leads to rebirth; separately they are at war on the inside and burn, also ending up destroying the creative work. This is the darkest part of their shadow; at that point anything can happen: unpredictable acts, irrationality and profound destructive visceral ways can emerge because ancient monsters rise from the marshes sweeping away those daring to pass. An image is formed of dense darkness, which does not allow “light to filter”.

The Scorpio woman must learn to manage power to carry out and to express herself in the world, but she cannot in any way use the power to have what does not belong to her and even to keep back what cannot be kept back.

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