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sex by zodiac signs

Sex by the Signs

Welcome to the joy of sex — zodiac style! Getting it on isn’t just for baby-making, so let the genius of astrology inspire you into cosmic creative copulation. Use this naughty guide to uncover the sexual fantasy of every sign — and drop it like it’s hot!

ARIES: Anything goes.

Aries rules everything from the neck up, so any activity — especially head — is divine as long as there’s lots of kissing, hair pulling and headbutting.

TAURUS: Pregnancy is a turn-on.

Since Taurus rules all-things fecund, the Bull adores the “Seventh Posture” from The Perfumed Garden, as it works well even when the woman is pregnant.

GEMINI: Genital-anything … in perfect sync.

Hand jobs are always welcome. It’s all about mimicking your sexual twin. And remember: Gemini always needs options!

CANCER: Sixty-nine, of course.

This classic position even looks like the Cancer symbol! For the caregiving, nurturing Crab, it’s all about the give and take.

LEO: Doggie style.

What other position allows a lover to get so dramatic and show off like they’re in a sex video? Rest assured, Leo the Lion will always put their back into it!

VIRGO: Pleasure perfection.

Virgo will not settle for anything less than perfect, so sex is all about setting the perfect mood, perfect touch, perfect angle, perfect timing — perfect pleasure!

LIBRA: Missionary.

Like an old classic, Libras are the consummate romantics of the zodiac, and are all about a balanced mating style. And they’re very fair about taking turns swapping from top to bottom.

SCORPIO: Cunnilingus/Fellatio.

Scorpio rules the genitals, so they go straight to the bottom line — without removing too much clothing just to keep the mystery alive.

SAGITTARIUS: Orgasmic meditation.

The more spiritually and philosophically charged and exotic the better for the Archer. Their aim is true – and erotic.

CAPRICORN: Standing.

Why should anything be easy? With their workaholic tendencies, Capricorn believes that reward only comes with effort.

AQUARIUS: Group sex — of course.

The more the merrier for the Water Bearer! And the kinkier – and wetter — the better!

PISCES: Water sex.

As long as it’s in a river, a pool or the shower – Pisces and sex always get along swimmingly!

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