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The Sextile

The sextile occurs when two planets are approximately 60 degrees from each other from the vantage point of the earth and therefore are usually two signs from each other.

Sextiles are also considered to be beneficial and harmonious aspects although the aspect may require working on to make it work to its potential.

Below are the signs generally considered sextile to each other. However, taking the degree of orb into account, another sign might be involved. It is also true that because signs are of 30 degrees each, signs that fall into this section below may not be sextile. This would be the case when for example a planet was in 2nd degree Aires and although you may have a planet in the 29th degree of Gemini these would not be considered sextile as they would be 87 degrees apart (too far for the tolerance of orb for sextiles). They would but close enough for the tolerance or orbs of a Square though and would be considered squared.

Aries-Gemini & Aquarius
Taurus-Cancer & Pisces
Gemini-Leo & Aries
Cancer-Virgo & Taurus
Leo-Libra & Gemini
Virgo-Scorpio & Cancer
Libra-Sagittarius & Leo
Scorpio-Capricorn & Virgo
Sagittarius-Aquarius & Libra
Capricorn-Pisces & Scorpio
Aquarius-Aries & Sagittarius
Pisces-Taurus & Capricorn

The planetary energies involved stimulate each other, excite each other. Experimental and exploratory, the sextile is a highly mental aspect and in this respect the sextile is closely related to the element of air and can be archetypally related to the planet Uranus. Many astrologers believe that the sextile acts very much like a weaker trine, however, there really is no striking evidence to support this conviction.

The Sextile can be, and usually is, interpreted quite similarly to the Trine, but whereas the Trine allows or facilitates, the Sextiles coax. We have the ability to do those things represented by our Sextiles, we have the aptitude, but need a little bit of a push. The things denoted by our Sextiles don’t come quite so easily to us as those things denoted by our Trines.

When uncontrolled, the Sextile can produce dull, uninspired, mindless repetition; the workaholic with a restless need to work for work’s sake. When consciously used the Sextile can be immensely productive and efficient and will help to actualize the aspiration and ideals symbolized by the principles involved.

Some useful phrases for the Sextile are:

  • works well/effectively/efficiently with…..
  • is moved to express ideals with…..
  • works with… give practical expression to…..

Example: Sun Sextile Saturn

My essential nature works effectively with my self control. I am well organized and I can organize others.

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