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Your Signature Scent by Zodiac Sign

Every woman should have a signature scent. The important thing is not to do it for anyone else. Do it for you. Finding just the right one with so many to choose from is not always easy. Below are some suggestions for picking a scent that will work well with your astrological Zodiac sign.

Aries: “The One” by Dolce & Gabbana

Independent, fierce and feisty –- you need a scent that declares that you’re in the room and are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Taurus: “Envy Me” by Gucci

You should look for a scent that is flirty, feminine and yet earthy. Seek out a perfume that encompasses the simple complexity that is Taurus.

Gemini: “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker

Fun, popular, accessible and flirtatious, you should wear a perfume that everyone will adore. Don’t go too heavy or complex. You need a real crowd pleaser –- just like you!

Cancer: “Flower Bomb” by Viktor & Rolf

Romantic, floral, feminine, comforting –- these are all descriptions of scents that will tickle your fancy. This one such perfume — and Sun sign — is absolutely beautiful!

Leo: “Harajuku Lovers” by Gwen Stefani

Fun, daring, creative and youthful scents are up your alley. This great new perfume by the pop music goddess is perfect for you. The playful packaging and romantic scent are an ideal Leo combo.

Virgo: “Kelly Caleche” by Hermes

Virgos are a class act. You need a sophisticated scent, so this Hermes perfume is ideal for The Virgin. With hints of rose, lily, iris and leather, it was inspired by Grace Kelly –- a woman who encompassed perfection.

Libra: “Elle” by Yves Saint Laurent

Feminine, accessible, flowery and pleasing are all adjectives that should describe your signature scent. With a nice mixture of floral, fruit and earthier tones, this perfume will have you turning heads everywhere you go.

signature scentScorpio: “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein

Daring, deep, complex and intimate — all fantastic descriptors for the Scorpio woman and her signature scent. With unique aspects such as pomegranate, persimmon, mahogany, lotus and black violet, Euphoria is the kind of scent that expresses your mystery.

Sagittarius: “Eau d’Hardien” by Annick Goutal

Your signature scent should evoke a feeling of excitement and adventure. A wonderful French scent is an excellent choice for the Sagittarius woman. With ylang-ylang, citrus and basil, this is a playful, interesting perfume.

Capricorn: “Chanel #5 Eau Premier” by Chanel

No one should ever doubt your capabilities, and your signature scent should express your confidence and class. Worn by such heavy hitters as Jacky O, this perfume is meant you.

Aquarius: “Rock Princess” by Vera Wang — or “CK One” by Calvin Klein

Rebellious, daring, unique and unexpected are all descriptors that will work well for your signature scent – and you. Either of these alluring, powerful perfumes will express your strongest traits.

Pisces: “Romance Always Yours” by Ralph Lauren

For dreamy Pisces, you need a perfume that is ethereal, light and dreamy. You embody a heavenly presence, and you float when you walk into a room –- signature scent and all!

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