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Snake Chinese Horoscope 2016

The Instinctual Snake– Shrewd Counsello – 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001Chinese Zodiac Snake 2016

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2016

Dear Snake, welcome to the year of the Monkey 2016! According to Chinese astrology, the new year will start on February 8, 2016.

Snake Characteristics:
Snakes are associated with beauty and wisdom. Snakes may appear serene and calm but they are always mentally active. Snakes are deep thinkers and give very good advice but cannot take it. They are very capable of lying to get out of a situation. Linked to spiritual issues Snakes are sacred to some people and Snake people are often interested in the psychic, mystical and religious.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42 and 46.
Equivalent Western Sign: Taurus–  Check Out: Taurus 2016 Horoscope

Snake Horoscope 2016

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Horoscope 2016 for a Snake person. A more detailed investigation of a Snake person’s personalised horoscope would obviously reveal more.

After the New Moon within Aquarius, the Fire Monkey enjoys taking the throne on February 8, 2016. As an extremely wise, seductive, and quick-thinking zodiac sign, you will experience much growth and success within social realms. Those who previously may have thought you odd or a bit of a black sheep, now will see you as an elegant, charming, and victorious creature. Family members who previously disagreed with your every turn, begin to experience a bit of jealousy, but assume more respect for you than within the previous Monkey year.

Expect wild turmoil and extremes under Monkey’s influence. Despite the presence of some unlucky stars, the Snake will have a relatively good year with the help of quite a few key lucky stars, finding help when he needs it most. He can survive and become a winner if he remains objective, keeps a cool head and relies on innate Serpent wisdom and intuition as guidance.

The Monkey will try to draw Snake involuntarily into disputes with his wily charm and tricky ways, but adverse conditions should burn themselves out if he can keep from adding fuel to the fire. This is a year to remain conservative or neutral while madness rages all around him. The Monkey likes to complicate things into intricate puzzles so the Snake should not overreact or jump to conclusions unless he enjoys giving Monkey a good laugh at his expense. The answers will usually be quite commonsense and right before him, so if the situation is deftly handled with both diplomacy and a slight aloofness, all should go well for the Snake.

But witty Monkey is also a strong ally to cunning Snake, bringing ideas, inspiration and new goals for the future. By trusting deeper instinctual wisdom, Snake will make excellent choices with beneficial results. Confidence, backed by genuine ability, gets the Snake further this year than most, especially if turmoil and upset is met with composed common sense. The serpent thrives, indicate the Snake 2016 zodiac predictions!

In social circles, you can do no wrong this year, as long as you keep relationships open, honest, and positive. Adhere to the number one rule of thumb for Snakes; avoid toxic people. Snakes have no patience for weaknesses of others. Do not allow yourself to wait for someone to hatch, and move to your side of a situation, before progressing personally. Despite opposition, you take center stage, and take relationships by storm. Family bonds grow, positive friends arrive, and romantic relationships experience passion. Can it get any better than that?

The Monkey is quite interesting to watch with it’s movement here and there. The year of the Monkey 2016 may bring things that seem below you with it’s lack of concerns. Don’t hold back, as you might as well take advantage of the situation.

Snake Chinese Love Predictions 2016

Lovebird! The Snake is bestowed with wonderful Love luck for 2016. For both the attached and the single Snake, love will be a sweet thing and you’ll be looking through rose-colored lenses. Arguments and tiffs will only be a distant memory.

Snakes are one of the most seductive and magnetic personalities within the Chinese zodiac lineup. As a sign known for being flirty and fickle, you experience deeper romantic relationships in the Year of the Monkey 2016. Your empathic abilities tune into those who line up harmoniously with what you need, and you find yourself committing to a long-term relationship deeper than you had previously thought you were capable of.

Physical attributes become less important for you, as you look into others at soul levels. Your own personal physical characteristics, however, become extremely important to you. As the spotlight shines upon you, you become your own worst enemy, feeling as if your own negative physical attributes are taking center stage and need immediate attention.

As you work on yourself this year, becoming stronger emotionally, and more attractive physically, do not get too caught up in the materialistic issues within the physical realm. True love matches do not mind if you are not practically perfect in every way.

Positive love matches for you include, Oxen, Monkeys, and Roosters. Relationships with Dragons and Rats may be more work, but they are doable.

Enjoy a passionate and romantic Year of the Monkey 2016!

Snake Money & Career 2016 Horoscope


Career-wise, the Snake will enjoy a bout of Career luck for 2016! Promotions and increments will pepper this most auspicious year and for students, hard work will certainly yield wonderful results! For the first months though, nothing will feel as if it’s going your way, show the 2016 Snake zodiac predictions. Have patience during these times and know good tidings are in store for you.

Feng Shui methods are highly recommended to avoid any office and other troubles. The Receiver of Good Fortune is both adorable and functional hung at the doorknob of the door to your office. With its lovely gold coins and cunning bells, this is a sure career enhancer for the office.


The Snake just happens to be the most auspicious star for the Monkey year, and when it comes to wealth, it’s chock-full of fortune! Acquisition of wealth will come just too easily to the lucky Snake for 2016, Do look out for thefts, conmen sniffing on the trail, backstabbers and such to ensure optimum Wealth luck.

“To thine own self be true,” is the secret to your financial success in 2016. What does not feel right within your spirit, should be avoided. This simple anecdote can repair previous financial pitfalls, and promote affluence. The ancient Chinese view simplicity as a valuable trait, which can help to boost financial victory. Your creative muse is in full swing. Couple that with your charming, smart nature, and you cannot lose.

Enjoy an enchanting year full of luxurious growth and financial confidence. This Fire Monkey Year of 2016 delivers luck and great prosperity for you, dear Snake.


The ultra-lucky Snake will enjoy a fantastic bill of health for the Monkey year. But, because of the excitement in accumulating the good fortune of 2016, the Snake will be exerted to the full and may experience fatigue and exhaustion.

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