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Snake Horoscope 2018

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2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For Snake, Year of The Dog

Dear Snake, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2018 will start on February 16, 2018.

2018 Snake Horoscopes

Snake Horoscope 2018 Overview

2018 Snake Love Horoscope

Snake Money Horoscope 2018

2018 Snake Career Horoscope

Snake 2018 Health Horoscope

Snake Monthly Horoscope 2018

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2018 for a Snake person. A more detailed investigation of a Snake person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Snake Horoscope 2018 Overview

Most Snakes had a rough 2015 Goat Year and an even much tougher 2016 Monkey Year.

As expected most Snakes had benefited from the much more easy to understand 2017 Rooster Year and now also the Year of the Dog 2018 will see great chances for the symbol of wisdom.

The Snake Horoscope 2018 shows that the Snake will benefit in the year of Dog 2018! This is your year if you wish for a promotions or a raise. This year sees prosperity for Snakes who turn to friendships and colleagues for assistance, especially from the opposite sex.

However, be careful of your own behavior and watch your mouth, since these often get you into troubles. Do avoid speculative activities and investments, and be careful when receiving tips from business insiders!

The 2018 Chinese horoscope for Snake shows that this is also a good year for meeting new friends and improving your social life. Go out and meet people, this will benefit you more than one way.

Being cool, calm and wise is certainly a fine recipe for 2018 which the ruling Dog will surely reward with great portions of luck and fortune.

Of course the Snakes won’t have any problem to adjust to the intellectual Dog spirit of 2018 where discipline, loyalty and the power of the mind will be the guiding factors.

All that makes it easy for the Snakes to blend in smoothly and to clean up nicely as much as possible.

2018 Snake Predictions For Love

The Snake Love horoscope 2018 shows that romance is in the air for you, Snake people. In fact, Snake people have the highest Peach Flower Luck in the year of Dog. Therefore, for single Snake, you will have many opportunities for a new relationship, so choose carefully. Most importantly, don’t just sit there and wait for cupid, be a little more aggressive and luck will be on your side.

Married Snakes, this will be a time of some friction (not the good kind!) for you and your partner. Love triangles and temptations abound for those who have committed in marriage vows, so do keep your self-control intact. Keep your marriage together by exercising patience, and being kind to your partner at all times. You will do great this way!

Though this is the case for married Snake people, single or attached Snakes may find a lot of good love luck this year. Those who have been in a commitment could even hear the wedding bells in the 2018 Dog year! To enhance your luck in romance, Snake women can wear accessories in black, wavy shape; as for Snake men, you can wear white, oval or round accessories.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2018 For Finance

The 2018 Money Horoscope for Snake shows that you will be smiling into the bank in the year of Dog 2018. There are opportunities everywhere you look, so choose them carefully. Investment will be profitable, but start small and don’t be too impulsive, do your homework and then you will benefit from it.

Again, due to your good luck in peach flower this year, try to listen to advice from the opposite sex. Meanwhile, this might be a good year to start a new career, so if you have been thinking about this for years, the year of Dog might be the right time to do it.

Gold, off-white and dark are your colors this year and try to wear accessories in espresso color. To increase your luck in wealth, put crystal or white object in the North Western side of your office.

Year Of The Dog 2018 Predictions For Career

The Snake 2018 horoscope shows that your career will be stable this year, and for those working part-time, hold on the opportunity, you might get a good opportunity for a wonderful stable job. For the rest of you, you might even get the opportunities for promotion. Make sure to show your effort and value to your boss, you might just get that raise or promotion that has been long overdue.

Snake 2018 Zodiac For Health

The 2018 Snake astrology for health shows that Snakes will be enjoying good physical health this year! Though you will be having plenty of energy and stamina, you might be bugged a little by some depression, anxiety and other stress-related mental health problems. Your moody emotions may even cause some insomnia! But, these mental-health heads-ups are truly on the mild side, and will only occur occasionally throughout the year – don’t worry!

Snake Monthly Forecast 2018

Snake January 2018
Everything is going your way.

Snake February 2018
Money and good news will arrive at your front door.

Snake March 2018
If you are taking an exam, don’t worry, you will pass just fine.

Snake April 2018
Watch your finance, you might lose some money.

Snake May 2018
There will be obstacle on the way, be cautious.

Snake June 2018
You can’t seem to finish things you’ve started, be patient.

Snake July 2018
Your luck is changing for the better, hold on to the opportunity when you see one.

Snake August 2018
Watch your temper, you must learn to self-control.

Snake September 2018
Despite your financial loss, you must not borrow money from anyone.

Snake October 2018
Although there are problems along the way, everything will be fine.

Snake November 2018
Your luck is changing for the better.

Snake December 2018
There are ups and downs, just be alert.

In conclusion, the Snake horoscope 2018 shows that the overall spirit will be fairly sensitive what also seems to please the emotions of the Snakes who now may feel truly inspired to realize their big dreams based on some excellent support by the Dog.

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