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Spending Habits by Zodiac Sign

Spending Habits by Zodiac Sign

Spending Habits by Zodiac Sign

You can learn a lot about other people’s spending habits by looking at their star sign.

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a different approach to retail therapy. Next time you go shopping with your friends see their spending characteristics at play. Check out each sign’s buying instincts below and see if you recognize yourself.

Aries Sun Sign

ariesAries rushes in where angels fear to tread, and in their hurry Rams want to be in and out of the shop. They buy with cash and online so as to grab the new stuff and be wearing the latest colors of the season. This sign likes the challenge of hunting for a bargain and may easily tackle you to the ground at a fire sale.

Taurus Sun Sign

taurusTaurus takes their time deciding on what to spend their hard earned cash. Bulls prefer to shop in stores, and not online, because they want to touch and feel the goods before buying. After a day of trawling the shops they are just as likely to bank the money and go home empty handed. Sometimes parting with the cash is the quandary.

Gemini Sun Sign

geminiGemini likes buying on eBay and sniping the auction at the end. They order books and magazines, apps, games and puzzles. Twins are the best traders in the zodiac and will happily barter for stuff as the real fun is the actual deal. You are more likely to see Gemini selling to you, than buying for themselves.

Cancer Sun Sign

cancerCancers like to feather their nest and will splurge on home furnishings and tableware. They like pretty cutlery and plates to match the occasion, whether for a barbecue outside or a Sunday lunch. Every meal is important and this means the props as well. Crabs like home shopping and will spend on friends, family and will remember to take the office a box of chocolates.

Leo Sun Sign

leoLeos buy the best they can afford and that goes for luxury items as well. Lions take pride in their purchases and will enthrall anyone who will listen about what they bought to adoring oohs and aahs. They will shop in groups and make sure each person has a little something to take home. Leo’s are generous and may spring for lunch as well.

Virgo Sun Sign

virgoVirgo spends in small increments and can driver the shop girl wild with their bag of small change for a fifty dollar purchase. They like to collect and will slowly attain the things they want. Virgo likes things in patchwork, marquetry and paisley patterns. Virgins are more likely to go to the stores several times a day than do one big shop all at once.

Libra Sun Sign

libraLibra spends on themselves as much as their partner because there has to be a fiscal balance in their relationship. Libra men may only buy one big item a year, like a car, but it’s cost will be equal to what their wife spent over the years. Shopping can be agony for Libra as they are not good at deciding and every transaction choice needs to be called.

Scorpio Sun Sign

scorpioScorpio pays cash so there is no paper trail. They like acquiring things and surround themselves with items that mean something. Scorpions will to remove price tags andl hoard some attractive items of value. They like to buy things that others desire and may become a collector of rare books or surgical instruments. .

Sagittarius Sun Sign

sagittariusSagittarius likes to buy when away from home. They are the ones for whom the souvenir shops were made. Archers seek out things that are difficult to find like a seed pod from a baobab tree or exotic spices from Asia. This sign arrives home and flings the bags in a corner not even opening them, already planning their next excursion to the mall.

Capricorn Sun Sign

capricornCapricorn invests. When the Sea Goat goes shopping the items they buy have to earn their place. Not for them trivial trinkets. Capricorn likes quality and will pay whatever it takes to get items perceived as status pieces. Expensive handbags for the women and watches for men. Over the years they can amass a very respectable wardrobe or collection of goodies.

Aquarius Sun Sign

aquariusAquarius like to buy a variety of goods. They love snapping up music and books online and gadgets. They get bored with their stuff and will move on to the next fad as soon as it takes their fancy. Water Bearers have basements full of old things and should invite Scorpio around to rummage through it all.

Pisces Sun Sign

piscesPisces enjoy art and soft and beautiful things. They are happy to tag along the other signs on an outing to the shops. Fish like to buy only what is needed and can be frugal to the extent that they will “do without” when they should be buying things. Fish don’t like the crush of the malls and will shop late in the evening to miss the crowds.

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