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Spiritual Marks On The Body Meaning In Astrology

All of us have had bumps, bruises, cuts, and experienced pain of an unknown origin. We can easily recall ourselves moaning then, ‘Oh my God, for what?’ The moaning does occur, but it is rarely followed by an effort to find an answer. However, the astrologist thinks that you can find the answer if you feel like searching for it and if you have some intuition. Of course the basic guidelines are essential as well.

I have experienced and not just once the fact that the pain of an unknown origin starts passing away without any serious effects in case the right answer is found to the question ‘why’/ ‘for what’. As soon as the spiritual reason is perceived, the development of some serious illness is prevented. The wounds then tend to heal up easier and the release from irritation or allergy comes faster.

On the other hand sometimes our mistakes have nothing to do with the occurrence of certain marks. Marks can also bring positive news. The Spirit, our higher ‘I’, may be willing to encourage us this way not to miss some good opportunity. It can also bring news about the coming success or merits you may have brought from your previous lives.

How to find out what specific marks mean?

The analysis of the layout of signs of zodiac on the body will help to establish essential frames for appropriate explanations that could be related to everyday life situations.

My personal experience and the reflections of other persons indicate that the layout of signs of the zodiac indeed exists. The ability to interpret it in an appropriate way can help to avoid mistakes and realize one’s potential. Therefore I suggest you an exciting journey of an investigator. I expect the presented knowledge to be the source of a great insight and experience that will help to solve nagging problems. Good luck!

It is a misconception to believe that if you are unaware of the meaning of some mark, then it means nothing at all. Your subconsciousness is aware of that meaning and it insensibly delivers the signal to your consciousness.
The experience revealed that the implications of marks for the left-handed and right-handed persons are the same. The meanings are universal in this aspect.

All marks on the right side of the body of men and on the left side of the body of women are positive. And vice versa, all marks on the left side of the body of men and on the right side of the body of women are negative.

Marks On The Body Meaning In Astrology


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The dwelling of Mars, the throne of the Sun

POSITIVE MARKS found on the right side of the head of men and on the left side of the head of women witness courage, determination, activity, and an ability to fight for oneself, others, and essential values. This person has acquired all these qualities during his past lives. He will not go into conflict based on trivial matters. However, he knows very well how to resist aggression or pressure. The fighter’s nature is alive in him. Often this person is a leader who is not afraid to go ahead of others. The mark reveals the reliability of him in an aggressive, dangerous environment. These persons are especially reliable when something has to be started in a courageous and freshly perceived way.

The marks on the cheek and forehead that occur on the body already in this life bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • something special and meaningful has entered your life; this will help you to develop awareness and significance;
  • finally you have made an important step towards the disclosure of your initiative in especially important and meaningful matters;
  • you have acquired courage and learnt how to protect your values;
  • your initiative is necessary;
  • you have been granted protection in the spheres where you need determination to reveal your initiative.

Bumps and cuts testify similar things, but they are less significant and pass away faster.

NEGATIVE MARKS are the ones to be found on the left side of the body of men and on the right side of the body of women. The marks found in the negative zone of Aries reveal the energies of Mars not to be mastered in an appropriate way. The reaction to them is inadequate. It is either too expressed or too weak.

The mark can indicate cowardice, the inability to protect one’s interests, constant withdrawal from the field of battle, and passivity. On the other hand, this mark can also reveal aggression, anger, egoism, and willingness to control others imposing one’s will on them.

Negative marks in the zone of Aries warn you that it is very important to take control over your aggression, anger, and egoism as well as avoid meaningless conflicts and peace disturbance. These marks can also imply the reverse case – the need to develop courage, determination, strong will, activity, and ability to fight for oneself.

The discussed implications especially apply to the marks on the cheeks and nose. The marks on the forehead and around the eyes bear slightly different meanings. Positive marks point towards the possession of a bright consciousness, an ability to differentiate and perceive adequately the most important things in life. These persons are the ones destined to observe and often even contribute to positive and important events.

Negative marks warn you not to be hasty to sow ideas and trust them if they are untested by your heart and personal experience. Aim to see not only the dark side of life, but also the bright one. Seek to perceive that the amount of your inner light determines how much light you meet in the surrounding world. It is essential to avoid the denial of the world and its meaningfulness, because this attitude may lead to the sight impairment or brain disorders.

New marks in this zone warn:

  • the way you seek your goal is very aggressive; you are being warned to stop;
  • your initiative is egoistic and neither environment nor you need it; you should change it;
  • you destroy peace;
  • you reveal more and more despotism;
  • or vice versa, your deed reflects cowardice; your behavior has already turned to be or can become the manifestation of betrayal.



The dwelling of Venus, the throne of the Moon

POSITIVE MARKS (on the right side of the body of men and on the left side of the body of women) witness that this person knows how to love and is worthy of being loved. Usually he has an attractive appearance and values beauty, harmony, and peace. Such a person stays away from aggression, appreciates the material world, and knows how to attract and store beautiful things if he dares go for them. He is aware of the value of money, but at the same time he does not deify it. On the whole this person is often the one who adorns the world by being reliable, natural, and patient.

Newly occurred marks bear one or several meanings out of the following:

  • true love has already entered or will soon enter your life;
  • you have deserved present or future welfare;
  • you have learnt to appreciate or create beauty and material values;
  • your actions help to preserve peace and harmony on the Earth;
  • you have learnt to be natural, true, reliable, and kind;
  • you have learnt to love yourself, others, and the surrounding world.

Minor marks such as small scars and cuts bear the same meanings, but on an evidently smaller scale.

NEGATIVE MARKS are the ones to be found on the left side of the body of men and on the right side of the body of women. Negative marks in the zone of Taurus refer to the lack of an adequate relation to the vibrations of Venus. This relation needs to be balanced. Therefore these marks can speak of the undervalued love, beauty, peace, and material values. They can also reveal a person to be jealous, rude or unwilling to love himself. This naturally prevents the experience of love from others. In this case the mark would warn about a possible unhappy love in this life. The mark may also witness the dramatic love experience in previous lives. On the other hand the marks here may reveal the person to be greedy and selfish. They may speak of too much prominence given to things, money, bodily pleasures, and earthly love and denied spiritual values. In this case the mark warns about the danger of debauchery, abuse, greed, and purely materialistic outlook.

Negative marks strongly encourage learning to love, to respect and value others, peace, and beauty as well as the material world, nature, and simplicity. They speak of the need to retore harmonious relation to the Earth and Yin, the female principle of the universe.

Newly occurred marks may have one or several implications out of the following:

  • your behavior reveals the betrayal of love;
  • you are in danger of losing your welfare and material values;
  • you are too attached to material things and pleasures;
  • you are denying material values; there is a danger to lose them;
  • you do not love yourself and simultaneously show no love to others;
  • your behavior is abusive.



The dwelling of Mercury, the throne of Mercury

POSITIVE MARKS (on the right side of the body of men and on the left side of the body of women) declare that this person is clever or at least smart. His orientation is quick, his mind is developed, he communicates freely, and he is noted for his eloquence. His word and being conveyed information are true and important. These marks may also reveal contribution to various writings (books, scientific works, and documents) or mediation, which is related to the past lives. In relation to this life the marks in this zone may also speak of the success in the tradesman, mediator, writer or journalist’s work. The success is something that is simply given…

New marks, bumps, cuts, breaks, muscle inflammation, and pain, which is often treated as the consequence of the caught cold, may bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you have recently discovered new information that is essential to your survival and development; however, you neither trust nor treat it with the adequate attention; the Spirit is encouraging you to recover and apply this information;
  • you are close to an important and right decision, but you do not perceive its significance and hesitate to make it; the Spirit is encouraging you to make that right decision;
  • you have met an outstanding person or you have discovered some meaningful and true information, but you do not perceive the value of this; the Spirit is encouraging you to recognize the discovery;
  • the information you are sharing is significant; the Spirit is encouraging you to keep doing this with the trust in your efforts;
  • the Spirit is trying to draw your attention to the splendid opportunities for the successful trade or mediation.

Minor marks may have the following implications:

  • a right thought has just come into your mind; I confirm your thought;
  • you have just told an important truth, and it means more than you can imagine.

NEGATIVE MARKS are the ones to be found on the left side of the body of men and on the right side of the body of women in the being discussed zone. These marks speak of the negative karma associated with the spoken word, wrong thinking, conscious or unconscious lie and deception as well as wrong or deceptive writings and documents. Conspicuous marks witness conscious or unconscious thefts, rumors, intrigues, abusive language, and destructive thoughts. It is essential to stay away from deception, rumors, and unreliable information in this life. Such a person may insist on lie to be the way of survival. Usually he does not perceive the false nature of his consideration. This mistake may be linked to the betrayal of a given word or in general vicious words.

It is important to develop one’s mind and aim for truth, objectivity, clean thoughts and words as well as faithfulness to the given word in this life. It is also essential to avoid vending deceptive information out of fear or selfishness. The person should aim to form an independent outlook and not to be hasty to blame and deny others.

New marks in the negative zone as well as strong pain or break in this zone bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • destructive and dirty thoughts are often coming into your mind; you destroy yourself with your thoughts and words;
  • your spoken or written word reflects lie and harm; it has led to a negative karmic consequence; the time has come to clean your spoken and written word;
  • you have been associating with the persons who are corrupt; you should be more selective with respect to the persons you associate with; bad acquaintances tend to come into your life (maybe you have just got acquainted with a dangerous or unworthy man).

Minor marks would bring the following messages:

  • you have come across some information, which can harm you;
  • your thoughts reveal the wrong direction; you are close to a wrong decision; reconsider everything anew;
  • you are being warned about the danger of theft and cheat; or you yourself are cheating and misleading others;
  • what you say is wrong; do not be hasty to make conclusions and judge others.



The dwelling of the Moon, the throne of Jupiter

POSITIVE MARKS (the right side of the body of men and the left side of the body of women) indicate that this person has learnt to control the vibrations of Moon during his past lives. He radiates tenderness, sensitivity, and subtlety. He knows how to care for others, especially women and babies. These marks may reveal a successful karma of motherhood, love to one’s homeland as well as respect to traditions and ancestors whose support he feels in this life. This person knows how to care for his relatives, home, and family. Usually such a person has a happy family life and cozy home in this life.

New marks in this zone would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • a happy family life is awaiting you;
  • happy motherhood is awaiting you;
  • you will have a cozy home; you will acquire immovable property;
  • you deserve your kindred to be blessed with success and happiness;
  • you have developed tenderness, sensitivity, and care for others, especially children and women;
  • your contribution to your kindred and homeland’s welfare is evident.

NEGATIVE MARKS speak of the negative karma related to the sign of Cancer and the vibrations of the Moon.
This indicates the lack of tenderness and sensitivity. The marks may reveal the prevalence of rudeness and cruelty as well as inability and unwillingness to take care of others, especially small children, home, and family. The marks may also remind of the person’s past karma, which speaks of the lost or ruined home and family of his own or others. It may also witness the harm made to children, mother, motherhood, kindred, and homeland.

These marks warn you to develop tenderness, sensitivity, and an ability to take care of others, especially women and babies. It is important to fulfill one’s parental duties, to avoid rudeness, indifference, and doing harm to babies, women, womanhood, kindred, homeland, traditions, and the memory of ancestors.

New marks may bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you are being warned about the lack of tenderness, sensitivity, and womanhood in your life;
  • you have taken the position of a victim; you do not try to fight for yourself in a wise way;
  • you deny womanhood, its values, and life; you offend life; you do not want to live;
  • you are complaining; you are blaming others; you should aim to develop patience, persistence, and equability;
  • you have offended kindred, babies or children;
  • your activity is harmful to the environment, nature, especially water and springs; you are offending your ancestors or homeland.



The dwelling of the Sun, Plutonian throne

POSITIVE MARKS in this zone witness the control taken over the energies of the Sun during past lives. It means that this person is always lively, active, joyful, noble, generous, and creative. He is noted for his love to children. This may also mean that he had power and grace, which he used for the sake of others during his previous lives. These marks may also speak of the successful creation, happy love, and the joy brought by children in this life. Especially vivid marks may witness future grace.

Newly occurred marks may bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you deserve respect or maybe even grace;
  • you are mature enough to disclose your talent and creativity;
  • joy and awareness is coming into your life;
  • you deserve children who will bring you joy and happiness;
  • you are to others an example of joy, light, nobility, and generosity.

NEGATIVE MARKS speak of the karma related to the unmanaged energies of the Sun as well as the sign of Leo. They may point to the past experience related to the misused power, selfishness, and despotism. Probably grace and favorable conditions spoilt a person, made him selfish and despotic. His power brought harm to others. This may also point to the harm made to children or harm through the debauchery and dissolute creation in the past.
Marks in the negative zone warn to avoid false pride, egoism, despotism, debauchery, and child abuse.

New marks may bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you have become too arrogant and egoistic; this outlook is a menace to you;
  • you are under the threat to loose your authority or respect;
  • you are devoting too much attention to your pleasures and laziness;
  • your lavishness or debauchery may bring problems or misfortune;
  • your behavior is harmful to your children;
  • your behavior is destructive to your creativity and joyful life.



The dwelling of Mercury and Prozerpene, the throne of Mercury

POSITIVE MARKS witness that this person has developed a sense of duty, diligence, dexterity, and sharp mind during his past lives. This person is attentive, rational, caring, and tidy. Often these marks tell us that a person was healing and helping others in his past karma. They also indicate his diligence and caring nature in this life. These marks may also speak of the success in medical man’s work. It may be said that God simply gave him the qualities of a good and caring doctor. You may always trust such a person. He will never disappoint you, except with his excessive requirements and scrupulosity.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you have perceived or fulfilled your duty;
  • you deserve professional success, especially the one related to the profession of a doctor;
  • your work and care are very important; they leave a positive footprint in your karma;
  • you are close to the important scientific knowledge;
  • you are destined to heal and help others;
  • finally you have revealed your initiative to bring an order into your life; more purity and cleanness have entered it;
  • you may succeed in the activities related to crafts and pharmacy.

NEGATIVE MARKS speak of the negative karma related to the sign of Virgo. Perhaps this person is too scrupulous and always looks for faults. These marks may also speak of the mistakes made in the past karma when healing people. All marks in this zone warn you to avoid criticizing others and giving too much prominence to trivial matters. It is very important to see the whole rather than nurture pettiness. One more negative message of the mark found in the zone of Virgo is unbalanced attitude towards order and cleanness. This person either lacks these qualities or is too overwhelmed by them. The former case encourages devoting more attention to order and hygiene, whereas the latter warns not to give too much prominence to these aspects.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • your life is in a mess; it reflects lack of care and order; you may face serious problems because of this;
  • you do not care enough about your body and health;
  • due to your exaggerated pettiness you have become an unbearable grumbler;
  • you are too lazy or you simply forget and even avoid to fulfill your duties;
  • possible failures at work; you are not skillful enough or your relations with the colleagues are bad;
  • your treatment and help is harmful to others;
  • you give too much prominence to your work and duty; you allow yourself to become a slave.



The dwelling of Venus, the throne of Saturn

POSITIVE MARKS reveal positive experience of partnership in the past lives. This person knows very well what it means to have harmonious and long-lasting relations. He is the one who seeks for this relationship and at the same time he himself deserves to experience happy partnership in this life. He always aims for peace, purity, and diplomacy. He knows how to find a wise decision or compromise. He treasures beauty, harmony, moderation, and justice. He is also the one who is always against vulgarity and aggression. The mark found here may also witness the successful peacemaker or judge’s experience in the past lives. This mark may also speak of relevant success in this life.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • a happy partnership and successful marriage is awaiting you;
  • an important agreement will bring positive changes into your life;
  • you will meet or you have already met your work partner and assistant;
  • your contribution to justice and social welfare is evident;
  • your decision was very important and meaningful;
  • your contribution to peace is evident;
  • successful lawyer’s career is awaiting you;
  • you have learnt to communicate and to preserve balance as well as diplomacy; you can be a peacemaker;
  • you adorn the surrounding world; you will become known for your elegance and contribution to beauty.

NEGATIVE MARKS speak of the destructive contribution to the partnership in previous lives. This person lacks diplomacy, balance, an ability to cooperate, and objectivity. He can hardly perceive what is justice. He does not value peace and calm. Vivid marks may indicate wrong judgment and other mistakes related to the destruction of peace, calm, and marriage in the past lives. These marks strongly encourage the development of objectivity, peacefulness, and diplomacy. They also warn to get rid of the extreme egoism and aim to learn to hear others.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • your behavior can destroy your or someone else’s partnership or marriage;
  • your behavior is unjust; you are destroying peace;
  • you have made an important, but wrong decision;
  • you are destroying peace, beauty, and harmony;
  • you are a double-faced person; you are too subjective; you blame those who are innocent;
  • you should better stay away from the job in law structures.



The dwelling of Mars and Pluto, the throne of Uranus

POSITIVE MARKS speak of the enormous potential of living and sexual energy. This person is able to influence others. He has something magic – a magician by nature. He enjoys secrets and does not avoid risk. Often this mark tells about the strong protection of the positive magic forces. The mark may indicate the abilities that are common to an extrasens. Some sources discuss the implications of the vivid marks to be related to the living force obtained through the sexual intercourse. It means that a person does not lose his energy, but vice versa – he gains it via sexual relationship.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you have developed a magic force which protects you and is able to affect the environment in a positive way;
  • you have met a person or discovered the teaching – this will change your life and disclose your spiritual power as well as magic abilities;
  • strong passion and sexual realization is entering your life;
  • you will acquire the qualities of a magician and spiritual fighter;
  • as a fighter you will achieve significant victories;
  • you have acquired power that is needed to resist evil; you have been granted protection against evil forces.

NEGATIVE MARKS warn about the danger of evil forces, the danger of becoming a transmitter of strange and negative energies, and the threat of being entrapped in some sect. The marks may also warn about the reverse case. If a person tends to manipulate others, evil forces naturally attract him. Especially vivid marks may speak of the association with the black magic in the past lives and the possibility of being attracted by the criminal groups and violence in this life.

It is especially important to avoid magic, sects, the influence of the criminal world, and debauchery.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you are in danger of becoming a transmitter or servant of evil forces;
  • you are in a danger to commit a crime;
  • you are aggressive and manipulate others with the aim to enslave them;
  • you possess a magic force, but it is dark;
  • martial arts lead you to destruction;
  • your behavior is perverse; you give too much prominence to sexuality;
  • you should beware of venereal diseases.



The dwelling of Jupiter, the throne of Chiron

POSITIVE MARKS witness the authority related to the past lives. This person was highly respected and he himself learnt to respect others. He is the one who believes in God and values traditions. Maybe he was a priest in the past. Vivid marks also inform about the success related to trips to foreign countries and relations with foreigners. This person will easily gain authority and respect in this life. Usually he subconsciously believes in God and the meaning of this world. He is dignified, open-minded, and optimistic.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you have deserved to become famous, gain authority and even glory;
  • you have approached a very important spiritual tradition, which will bring change, light, and growth to your life;
  • you have met or you will meet a guru or you will become a master yourself;
  • an important and successful trip is awaiting you;
  • your relations with foreign countries and foreigners will be blessed with success;
  • you will contribute to the relations among cultures, to the outlook development, and education;
  • finally you have recovered your relation with the Creator; you have opened yourself to Him; you have gained trust and the guidance of spiritual forces.

NEGATIVE MARKS witness that a person was too overwhelmed by his passion for authority and glory or lost it in the past lives. These marks may also reveal his atheistic and materialistic outlook or association with some perverse spiritual tradition, which justifies killing and fighting in the name of God. They may also speak about the disrespect and destructive actions directed to the authority, traditions, belief, and temples. It is essential to recover the relation with the Creator, learn to respect others (including their religious liberty), and aim for dignity. Especially vivid marks may warn about the dangers related to foreign countries and possible loss of authority. However, all these things are interlinked – if you learn to respect others, you will be respected yourself.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you are in danger of loosing your authority and respect of others;
  • your authority is destructive to the surrounding world;
  • you do not believe in God; you have lost your faith; you have become overwhelmed by the material well-being; you are sowing false outlook;
  • you are following false spiritual teachers; your teaching is false;
  • you ceased believing in the meaning of this world;
  • beware of the relations with foreigners and distant trips.



The dwelling of Saturn, the throne of Mars

POSITIVE MARKS speak of the modesty, patience, concentration, and seriousness developed in the past. Vivid marks may reveal this person’s efforts to help others to survive or change their miserable life. These marks may also witness the life of a truly God’s servant, the one who lived in a monastery and developed an ability to sacrifice one’s life for a high aim. This person will also be an example of a serious, concentrated, patient, and modest man in this life. He enjoys solitude, prayer, and meditation. He can easily disclose the secrets of the world of minerals.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • positive changes in your destiny are awaiting you;
  • you have made an important and right decision;
  • you have acquired seriousness, patience, and assurance;
  • you have got acquainted with the elderly or serious and important man;
  • your contribution to the history is significant;
  • you are contributing to the redemption of the mistakes of others; you are bringing the release to the destiny of others;
  • your faith is deep; your spiritual way is true.

Heavy pain in the knee may speak of something very important and decisive, something that can bring positive changes to your life, but you either deny or miss to perceive it. It is possible that these are skills, possibilities, knowledge, new relations, and perceptions, which are passing away unnoticed.

NEGATIVE MARKS may witness two opposite things. They may speak of either the lack of patience, seriousness, obedience, concentration, and respect to the elderly in the past lives or vice versa – difficult as a millstone character reflecting extreme pessimism, depressive and morose nature, exaggerated precaution, and a solitary life style. This person does not believe in anything, he is a fatalist. He is always complaining and in this way making his presence unbearable. The first case encourages the development of concentration and seriousness. The second case speaks of the need to nurture optimism, patience, and an ability to open oneself to the world. It is important to learn to trust the world, to make conscious efforts not to be overwhelmed by sadness, to develop activity, joy, creativity, tenderness, and courage in one’s life.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • you lack modesty and obedience – you oppose your destiny and situations, which could bring positive changes;
  • you have to redeem your mistakes related to your karma;
  • you have to develop patience, carefulness, equability, and discipline;
  • you see only the wrong side of things;
  • others can hardly bear your difficult character.



The dwelling of Uranus, the throne of Neptune

POSITIVE MARKS witness sufficiently developed insight. This person is original, inventive, and intellectual. He values freedom, friendship, and independence. He will never seek to impose his outlook to others. Vivid marks may speak of happy coincidences in life and about one’s talents related to inventions and technology. They also speak of the success in astrology and the protection that is ensured by positive spiritual forces.

New marks would bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • a pleasant coincidence is awaiting you;
  • a valuable friendship is awaiting you (or you have met a valuable friend);
  • strong spiritual liberation is awaiting you;
  • second sight, strong insight, and future foresight are awaiting you;
  • your fantasy will make you famous;
  • you can become a famous scientist;
  • you can be a good astrologist;
  • you value freedom and you deserve it yourself.

NEGATIVE MARKS speak of the anarchy that was practiced in the past lives. These marks may also be the indicators of the inadequate relation to freedom. This person may have a wrong understanding of the freedom and renewal. It is possible that he aims for renewal in a destructive way (e.g. revolution or revolt). Harmful experiments and destructive forces may easily attract him. These marks may also witness the betrayal of freedom or friendship. With respect to this life it is essential to perceive the meaning of freedom, friendship, and independence. It is also important to learn to protect one’s freedom and independence simultaneously aiming to avoid the oppression and denial of other people and their rights. It is advisable to stay away from the dangerous, unpredictable experiments and extremities. This person should also be more careful with various electric devices, cars, and explosives.

New marks would warn about one or several dangers out of the following:

  • lack of precaution may push you into an unfortunate accident;
  • you should learn to value friendship and remain faithful to it;
  • you are too eccentric; you allow yourself more than it is acceptable; you do not respect the freedom of others;
  • avoid unpredictable experiments;
  • be careful with various technical devices, cars, and explosives;
  • your efforts to renew the society may turn into the destruction and riot.



The dwelling of Neptune, the throne of Venus

POSITIVE MARKS speak of the deep spiritual experience acquired in the past lives. This person perceives the principles of the divine beauty and harmony. He knows how to sacrifice himself, he is merciful, sensitive, and subtle. Most likely these marks speak of a secret divine mission of this person’s life. Often these marks are the signs of the second sight, insight, the life of a committed God or religion’s servant. This person is blessed with the ability to feel the essence and cause of all events and to perceive the whole. He radiates beauty, spirituality, and compassion. He has a gift to be a spiritual master. The latter implication applies if the marks are especially vivid.

New marks may bring one or several messages out of the following:

  • your efforts bring beauty, spirituality, and love to this life;
  • you have acquired true faith, deep spiritual knowledge and experience;
  • you deserve to become a spiritual master for others or you have met an important spiritual guru;
  • you can be a great and famous artist; you deserve to disclose your talents and creativity;
  • your compassion and sacrifice affected the destiny of others in a positive way;
  • you have been granted the protection of bright spiritual forces; you have acquired or you are disclosing your spiritual mission.

NEGATIVE MARKS speak of the negative spiritual experience related to the past lives. This person is in danger of being attracted by the dark spiritual forces. These marks may also indicate the danger of long-lasting addiction to negative habits. This person should not be hasty to teach others. He should avoid sects, magic, and various secret organizations. He should aim for clarity, simplicity, spiritual cleanness, and modesty. It is also advisable to develop one’s will and be especially careful when choosing spiritual masters, traditions, and even acquaintances. This person should nurture compassion, kindness, and an ability to give up selfish and egoistic aims. The greatest danger lies in becoming a false spiritual master or a victim of some pervert teaching.

New marks would warn about one or several dangers out of the following:

  • your addiction to bad habits is getting stronger; you are in danger of becoming enslaved by them;
  • you are in danger of being attracted by dark forces or you have already been attracted by them; avoid false masters, teaching, and sects;
  • you are overwhelmed by illusion; you are in danger of being deceived;
  • you are in danger of becoming a victim; you are unable to protect yourself or you are too trusting;
  • you have assumed the position of a victim instead of learning to fight for yourself and see the world from a more realistic perspective;
  • your art is destructive and harmful to the environment.

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