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Starbucks Drinks For Your Zodiac Sign

What Your Starbucks Order Should Be, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Starbuck Drinks for each Sign

The sign of  Aries

is ruled by the well-known impatient Ram! Standing in line at Starbucks is a daunting task for an Arian, especially when this ram needs a hard-jolt of caffeine and fast! They will make amazing customers as this ram cannot get enough of the caffeine buzz and will keep on coming back for more! So what’s the Starbucks answer? Espresso Americano! No cream thanks. Move out of the way!

The sign of Taurus

taurusRushing bull of Taurus coming through!! This hard-headed bull like the Arian Ram needs a quick jolt of caffeine only…Taurean’s like the more ‘sweet’ side to things also. Now they got first in line they slow down a little and observe the boards overhead. They um and arr a little until they see the perfect drink! It sums them up exactly, a little caffeine to give them that buzz combined with a little sweet-tooth, what is it you ask? Espresso Macchiato of course!

The sign of Gemini

geminiGemini’s are notorious for being bewildering! It makes Starbucks a hard place for a Gem; all of those different types of coffees, teas and iced drinks from all around the world make for a daunting task at hand for a Gemini. The barista will have great difficulty even keeping themselves in the Gemini’s attention span long enough to take their order of Chai Crème Frappuccino and a gingerbread muffin (Youthful remember!). It’s exotic, a mixture of many origins, it’s creamy but not too much, it’s eloquent like a Gemini yet youthful in nature – Perfect!

The sign of Cancer

cancerAww! Look at that cutie in the corner, carefully peeling open their sugar with tender love and care. Can you guess what sign they are? – Cancer of course! The emotional, loving and needy Cancerian’s are in need of something emotionally stimulating that touches all their senses. Look no further than a Vanilla Spice Latte! A Cancer loves the ambiance and scent of all the spices combined in this Latte.

The sign of Leo

leoThe fierce Lion of Leo can be seen in Starbucks walking with a bit of swagger knowing their ‘cool’ for hanging out Starbucks! As they approach the queue and begin to look overhead at their possible choices, it’s the softer- inner kitty that comes out and selects a Chai Tea Latte! It’s a blend of spice, tea and some creamy milk, which gives them bragging rights on how COOL it makes them!

The sign of Virgo

virgoOur next sign Virgo is very different in its choice of which Starbucks drink to have! It’s the only sign that would pick this style of drink. This is because of their cold, cool and cleanliness nature! I bet you’re thinking hmm what is it?? Well look no further than the Starbucks Refresha range, a Cool Lime Starbucks Refresha to be exact! No cream for spillage, cold and refreshing with a cool lime zing for added taste : )

The sign of Libra

libraNext we have a traditional Chamomile tea for the more intellectual, traditional, calming Libra! Libran’s don’t like the fuss of cream, chocolate, fruity drinks and high doses of caffeine. They are traditionalists and love their laid-back nature – of course they can sometimes be more temperamental and may require a shot of syrup with their tea 😉

The sign of Scorpio

scorpioJust like a Scorpion, a Scorpio likes to have that mysterious factor about them. They also like to be sophisticated and have grace too! They can be a tad traditional, with room for a dash of modern all mixed with a ‘sweet’ twist. So what’s the Starbucks solution to a Scorpio’s needs? None other than a White Hot Chocolate! The White Choc makes it mysterious, the Hot Choc makes it traditional and of course it’s sweet, just like a Scorpios taste!

The sign of Sagittarius

sagittariusFor a Sagittarian they can be quite reckless. Therefore, they won’t be overly bothered by calorie intake; they are warm-hearted and straight forward and also like the more luxurious things in life. You will find the Sagittarius sign sitting with their laptop drinking a traditionalist drink of a Starbucks’ Signature Hot Chocolate!

The sign of Capricorn

capricornTo be blunt…our next sign Capricorn are simply boring! They lead very mediocre, basic and unimaginative lives. Capricorn’s care a lot about their Careers and you would most likely find them in the corner of Starbucks working through their lunch hour, typing away on their laptops – sipping a Caffé Misto! A classic and basic brew of coffee and milk, quite bland in taste which is very fitting for this bland sign!

The sign of Aquarius

aquariusAquarians are curious little things! Their curiosity drives them in most areas of their lives, unless they are looking for some tranquil peace and quiet! Aquarius therefore, would choice a drink that combines the peaceful tranquility they desire, with their curiosity cravings to experience unique things. Did you guess yet which range an Aquarian chooses from? Anybody? Yes you got it! An Aquarian chooses from the Frappuccino range, a Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino to be precise! It’s chilled out, unique, tranquil and it sure gives these Aquarians cravings! – For more 😛

The sign of Pisces

piscesLast up are the Fishes – Pisces! These little water creatures can crave a number of the drinks Starbucks offer such as: a nice sweet Green Tea (they need their water after all!), or a drink from the Refresha range to wake them up from their day dreaming! However, Pisceans are known for their dreamy mentality, their need for that warm, exciting and thrilling feeling. They like to cosy up on the Starbucks sofas near the window, look out and day dream over what they want from the world! – What better drink for them to mull over than Caffé Mocha! It’s creamy, dreamy, warm, cosy and a perfect blend of Coffee and Hot Chocolate – how thrilling!

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