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Your Stepparent, Based On Their Zodiac

How is Your Stepparent, Based On Their Zodiac

It may take more time and understanding than usual to develop a relationship with your stepparents, which is why it makes sense to consult the Stars. Although non-blood relatives, your stepparents will still occupy an important role in your family — that of companion (and more) to your father or mother. While it’s likely to be smooth sailing with a Cancer or Pisces stepparent, you may be more challenged if that new relation is a Scorpio or a Cap. But fear not! The Stars are here to help. A few insights will go a long way with your new best friend.

The Aries stepparent

The Aries stepparent is a fiery, even competitive individual who might appear to be goading you on at times. What’s important to remember, though, is that this person always has their heart in the right place. In the Aries world a challenge should be accepted, and what follows is a dance which will show who is both strong and beautiful. This is a slightly different approach, but one which the Aries stepparent will surely use. Remember, this person really does mean well! A good initiator, the Aries stepparent is someone to go to for help on projects or for a jump-start if need be. Although fixed in their opinions, this stepparent is not likely to hold a grudge if you disagree with them. Lastly, always keep in mind that the Aries stepparent’s bark is much worse than their bite!

How to get along with the Aries stepparent :

Your Aries stepparent is probably going to want to take center stage in the family, at least in the beginning. Be a sport and give them room! This simple gesture on your part can go a long way toward creating a harmonious family unit. In time, the Aries stepparent will see the beauty in making room for both of you. As this stepparent can be pushy at times, it’s important to stand up to them when the going gets too rough. An Aries, after all, won’t appreciate a doormat! Tell ’em how you feel and they’ll respect you for it. Keep in mind, though, that full-on rebellion will never work with the Aries stepparent. These are tough folks! Far better to be friend than foe; at the end of the day, the Aries stepparent is more than open to that reality.

The Taurus stepparent

The Taurus stepparent is fixed and stubborn in their opinions, but this needn’t scare you away. This is also an individual who is patient and will stick with you through both good and bad. That is a great quality of the Taurus-born: the willingness to persevere, even against great odds. Think of the Taurus stepparent as your unwavering coach! Don’t be surprised if this person engages in a lot of retro thinking; Taureans tend to be a bit old-fashioned. These folks are materialistic as well and quite motivated in their quest for money and assets. It’s safe to say that the Taurean likes a comfortable lifestyle! The good news is that you’ll get to share in that comfort. Despite that Taurean bullheadedness, this is an individual who understands and appreciates the beauty of loyalty. Indeed, once any petty issues are worked out you can expect the Taurus stepparent to be both loving and devoted to you.

How to get along with the Taurus stepparent:

What your Taurus stepparent wants most of all is respect. Hey, the Bull is an extremely proud animal! Show this person that you hold them in high regard, and the relationship will be a happy one. The Taurus stepparent is likely to be focused on status as well, so be mindful of your appearance and the company you keep. Taureans hate to look bad in front of their friends. Your stepparent will also be a very dependable sort, so play along by showing up on time for commitments and keeping your word. Some things, like a hug, are sure-fire winners with a Taurean — these people love to be touched! Don’t hesitate to be expressive in your affections. Lastly, Taureans love to eat and eat well, so mealtimes are a great opportunity to strengthen your mutual bond.

The Gemini stepparent

The Gemini stepparent can be fickle and appear to be all over the place. The fact is, they are! This is a person who has many interests and actually enjoys doing three things at once — and they’re good at it to boot. For this reason, don’t get offended if your stepparent is talking to you while doing something else. This person has the keen ability to hear you and think about what you need while focusing the rest of their energy elsewhere. The Gemini stepparent is also impressed by intellect and will love to collect information. Much of this will be done while talking to others, for Geminis are the conversationalists of the Zodiac. Since these folks talk so much, at times they may speak before thinking. Forgive them these minor indiscretions; they do mean well. Much of what the Gemini stepparent does will be done with a crowd, as these folks enjoy socializing and love the company of their friends.

How to get along with the Gemini stepparent:

Intellectual by nature, the Gemini stepparent will want you to be well-read above all. Dull conversation is a nightmare for these folks! Your stepparent will bore easily with misinformation and chatter leading nowhere — and they’ll tell you so. For this reason, engage these folks about subjects that matter — and especially those that matter to them. As they’re bright and quick-witted, it’s not a good idea to try to one-up your Gemini stepparent. The chances of success with this tactic are plenty slim. Far better to let them lead the conversation and make their points. Making time for your Gemini stepparent is an excellent idea, too, as this is someone who loves activity. Plan group get-togethers, such as a picnic or dinner party, and be sure to invite both of your favorite friends to join in the fun.

The Cancer stepparent

The Cancer stepparent can be moody, even sulky, but you should resist the temptation to take this personally. While their issues may occasionally concern you, it’s simply part of this person’s makeup to be brooding and introspective. This is exactly why the Crab wears that protective shell (the better to be “shell-tered” from the outside world!). It stands to reason, then, that your Cancer stepparent is an emotional and sensitive person who will not be interested in confrontation. Hey, these are the people who invented the silent treatment! Tread lightly around your stepparent when they’re not having a good day. Traditional by nature, your Cancer stepparent will want to gather the family ’round for holidays and other special occasions. If the truth be told, these folks love being surrounded by family most of the time and enjoy doting on each and every person.

How to get along with the Cancer stepparent:

Cancer speaks to all things maternal, and your Cancer stepparent will be no exception. This is the most nurturing, mothering Sign of the Zodiac, and some days you may think that really means “smothering.” Ah, the joys of being truly loved! Indulge your stepparent’s need to be giving and even a bit over-involved — your patience will go a long way toward helping family dynamics. There will be days, however, when even your Cancer stepparent feels a bit overwhelmed and needs to take a time-out to collect their thoughts. When this individual needs room, be sure to give it to them. Remember, the Crab has sharp claws! There’s no need to get bitten. With a little time, the Crab comes back to center, and better than ever. Since the Cancer stepparent is big on family, be sure to schedule events which involve all family members, be they simple Sunday dinners or extended summer vacations.

The Leo stepparent

The Leo stepparent, for better or for worse, needs to be in control. Generally speaking, though, this isn’t a bad thing; these folks are natural-born leaders who can pave the way for a really good time! Being the boss is the usual state of affairs for your Leo stepparent, so you’d best let ’em at it. This is an individual who loves to have projects to work on and uses their considerable talents to move things forward. Flamboyant as well, the Leo stepparent will want to be center stage most of the time. Hey, let them! These folks can accomplish a lot while in the spotlight, and some of that will certainly be on your behalf. Generous and kind, your Leo stepparent will understand the meaning of loyalty and will defend you whenever necessary. While your stepparent may seem a bit fixed at times, it’s all part of their unparalleled charm!

How to get along with the Leo stepparent:

Rule #1: Your Leo stepparent needs to be the star. No problem! These are dynamic folks who can get a lot done. While they’re the focus of attention, be sure to give them plenty of your own, as any Leo worth their salt will not want to be neglected. While your Leo stepparent might be prone to exaggeration at times, there’s no point in calling them on it since they really do mean well. Sensing that these folks can be stubborn, too, don’t spend a lot of time trying to change them — it will be wasted energy! True to their Fire Sign, they’re quite fiery and fiesty; it would be unwise to stoke that Leo temper. Lastly, these are creative people who enjoy being in like company. Follow your muse on the way to a stellar match with the Lion!

The Virgo stepparent

The Virgo stepparent may seem picky and overly critical at times, but they just can’t help it! That’s a Virgo for you. These are people who truly want to make the world a better place. If that can be accomplished by trying to make everything that’s “wrong” with it “right,” they’ll give it their best shot. Your Virgo stepparent will always mean well; it’s just that they have a different approach. Your stepparent will also want to live in a neat and efficient world, and they won’t fare very well around those who don’t. This is, after all, the Sign that seeks perfection! Practical and logical, your Virgo stepparent will travel in a world of facts and certainties, not pies in the sky. With a Virgo stepparent around, things will definitely get done, and done right!

How to get along with the Virgo stepparent:

One thing your Virgo stepparent will certainly do is spend a lot of time thinking about things. This brainwork is the kind of thing which leads to sensible conclusions. For that reason, this is the person to go to with a new venture or business idea. And they’ll love you for involving them! Virgos are pros at digging through detail and synthesizing information to see what makes sense. They know how to look for the practicality in things and will find the holes in any idea. As Virgo is the Sign of Service, these are also people who love to help out, whether it’s with your career or your mood if you’re feeling blue (Virgos are great at nursing people back to health!). Your end of the bargain? Try to keep your world as neat as possible. Virgos fare poorly around disorder and chaos and much prefer an orderly (or is that perfect?) world.

The Libra stepparent

The Libra stepparent has a lot going on beneath the surface — and a lot on it as well. What you won’t always see with this person is the extent to which they hate confrontation. Cross words? Never! Libras need to live in a world of peace and harmony. With any kind of luck things will remain very satisfactory with this person, and if they do, it could be a lovely relationship. To the naked eye, your Libra stepparent will be an individual with a highly refined aesthetic ideal and will enjoy the arts, culture and living in a beautiful world. Not too shabby, eh? They’ll probably want to bring you along for some pretty rides as well. At times your Libra stepparent may seem a bit manipulative, but it will be hard to tell because these folks can be so charming! See? Looks are everything here.

How to get along with the Libra stepparent:

With any kind of luck you’ll enjoy socializing, because that is a Libra’s reason for living! These are people who love chit-chat and being out and about. You won’t be sitting at home much with a Libra stepparent in your midst. A Libra abhors being alone so you two will do many things in tandem, if not with a crowd. At times, you may wince at the “events” which you’re expected to attend with your Libra stepparent — symphony openings, gala balls and the like. Oh, go ahead and humor them! This is the kind of thing these folks love. Be sure you never embarrass your Libra stepparent in public; they may never get over it. Lastly, be ready for the fact that your Libra stepparent is likely to co-opt a lot of time with your blood parent — to this individual, being a unit is what it’s all about.

The Scorpio stepparent

The Sagittarius stepparent is a fun-loving sort who will seem more like a pal than anything else. Not bad! Your stepparent is a footloose, free-spirited, independent soul who believes that life is an adventure. They are looking to learn from life and have a good time while they’re at it. Along with that quest for knowledge is a quest for the truth; these are people who value facts and honesty in equal measure. Generous, too, your Sagittarius stepparent is always looking for a better way to do things, a quality which makes this individual a natural teacher. Sagittarius also enjoys taking a risk, so if you’ve got a sense of adventure as well, you’ll be in good company. Friendly by nature, your Sagittarius stepparent may occasionally blurt things out without thinking first, but rest assured that this person really does mean well.

How to get along with the Sagittarius stepparent:

Life with your Sagittarius stepparent can be pretty easy as long as you follow a few basic rules. First off, don’t lie to them! Sagittarians are intense truth-seekers and they won’t stand for anything less from those around them. Being of a generally good disposition will also hold you in good stead since these folks are happy, glad-to-be-alive folks. More rules to remember: Don’t be stingy (the Sagittarian certainly isn’t and will resent a tightwad!), and don’t be fearful. Your Sagittarian stepparent may well want to scale Mt. Everest and probably wouldn’t mind having you along for the ride! While you may not sign up for that journey, a spiritual quest or other adventure with your Sagittarian stepparent could be an excellent way for the two of you to bond. These are folks who enjoy participating in workshops which will expand their life — and yours!

The Capricorn stepparent

The Capricorn stepparent is a serious and ambitious person who may well be a captain of industry. A slacker they’re not! These individuals are more determined than most and as a result will do very well in business. Their life is likely to be successful as well, or will, at a minimum, hum along like a finely-tuned engine. Family is very important to your Capricorn stepparent, too; they will probably run the family much like they would run a corporation. In other words, think conservative and traditional. This is the kind of person who always remembers birthdays and holidays and values the camaraderie and pageantry which surround these events. While your Capricorn stepparent may seem old before their time, these are well-meaning folks who simply have a different, albeit time-tested, approach. Expect your Capricorn stepparent to hold certain causes dear, especially those with a conservative bent.

How to get along with the Capricorn stepparent:

Lazing around all day is not likely to endear you to your Capricorn stepparent. On the contrary, it will probably drive them crazy! As your stepparent is a hyperfocused individual, you will certainly help this relationship along by showing some ambition of your own. A sense of responsibility will also endear you to your Capricorn stepparent, and they will be sure to show their appreciation to you. These are folks, after all, who know the value of hard work! Manners are also important to your Capricorn stepparent, so be sure to think before you speak and always to present yourself well, both with them and in broader company. Perseverance also will score high with your Capricorn stepparent, so be sure to set goals and keep them. Keep in mind that if your stepparent wants this relationship to work (and they do), it almost certainly will. Hey, these folks are winners!

The Aquarius stepparent

The Aquarius stepparent isn’t like most other people. Face it, Aquarians don’t think like others or act like others. It can even be said that these folks straddle the border between genius and insanity! Now, that’s not all bad news. What it means is that your Aquarius stepparent is an intellectual sort who is also open-minded and will try anything once. This could be one merry adventure! This person is also a humanitarian who will champion causes ranging from the environment to civil rights. While it may seem like acquaintances are more important to your stepparent than the family itself, it’s only because these folks can be a bit aloof. Remember, your Aquarius stepparent has a keen mind and it’s likely to be running in a thousand different directions at once. Since your stepparent can at times be unemotional and even downright stubborn, give them plenty of room.

How to get along with the Aquarius stepparent:

Once your Aquarius stepparent makes up their mind, changing their position will be like trying to move a mountain, so don’t even try! There are bigger and better fish to fry. Keep in mind that these are folks who entertain some pretty radical ideas, so just let them feed their muse and work on the things that make them happy. Your Aquarius stepparent is not lacking in self-confidence, either, so be a sport and show some spunk. For better or for worse, your stepparent is also an intellectual elitist; don’t make the mistake of rambling on about things. These folks are bored to tears by trivial details! They’d far prefer some stimulating discourse on technology or ways to improve life in the 21st century. Lucky for you, your stepparent is one of the most visionary and innovative members of the Zodiac!

The Pisces stepparent

The Pisces stepparent is one of the most caring and helpful people around. It’s not uncommon, therefore, for others to try to push them around or use them as a doormat. Even if you’re tempted, don’t do it! This is someone who is selfless to the core, has great intuition and is beautifully spiritual. Your Pisces stepparent will make for a great ally in the kinder, gentler aspects of life. In many ways this individual lives in their own reality and it can be pretty hard to snap them out of it. Your stepparent may even be too passive and gullible for their own good. The magic of this individual, however, is their ability to think creatively and their supreme talents in the areas of music and the arts. If you want to feed your muse, let them help you! This is a person, after all, who loves to help others.

How to get along with the Pisces stepparent:

The reality of the matter is that your Pisces stepparent would do just about anything for you. These are people who can’t handle disharmony! Knowing this, you would be wise to let your Pisces stepparent be the helper they want to be. This is a devoted, gentle, even timid person who wants to do their best for you, so let them. If you seek out your Pisces stepparent for advice or counsel, they will be delighted to share their knowledge. These are dreamy folks who spend a fair amount of time thinking (and even more time daydreaming). As your Pisces stepparent is also sensitive they will easily pick up on the vibes around them, so be direct and don’t leave things unsaid. Since your Pisces stepparent wants to live in a perfect world, do what you can to make it so!

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