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The Story of Job from the Old Testament & Saturn’s Tests

The Story of Job from the Old Testament & Saturn's TestsPerhaps one of the best stories ever to describe what happens when the planet Saturn is aspecting a chart is found in the Bible, with the story of Job. In the book of Job we learn how through pain and sorrow we learn many valuable lessons on how to grow in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. We learn how to develop our soul, and of the oneness of Life which is centered in the mighty I AM presence.

What happens when the planet Saturn is making an aspect to an astrological chart?

Whether you experience the result in a positive or negative way it is safe to say that your life will be changed considerably!

When Saturn by the sign it’s in, by the house of the horoscope that it is in, or in a configuration with other planets or points in the chart in a positive, complimentary way it will manifest in the following expressions :

Diligence, Self-dicipline, Deliberation, Cleverness, Reliability, Power Of Endurance, Vigilance, Reserved, Stamina, Self Assurance, Exactness.

When Saturn is poorly placed by the sign, the house it is in, or by a negative aspect that it makes to other planets or points in an astrological chart manifest in the following negative ways:

Skeptical, Unbending, Seclusive, Miserly, Depressd, Miserable, Bigoted, Severeness, Immorality, Inhibited, Small Mindedness, Pettiness, Selfishness, Nastiness.

Saturn has long been known as the Taskmaster of the Zodiac. Where ever Saturn is by transit one is sure to find delays, sorrows and/or setbacks but not necessarily denials.

The story of Job

Whenever I think of Saturn I am reminded of the story of Job from the Old Testament of the Bible.

The story of Job is a story of when bad things happen to good people.

The name “Job’, is “Eyob” in Hebrew and it means, “one who is tested and tried; one who is the subject of hostility”.

We learn in the very first verses of the book of Job that he was really a good guy who loved God, did all of the right things, thought all of the right things and said all of the right things. Job had everything that one could wish for. He had family, friends, wealth a good reputation. He loved and worshiped God and he obeyed all of the religious laws. Yes life was very good for Job!

But it seams as how, Satan (Saturn) appears before the throne of God and says that the only reason for Job’s love for God is because God has so richly blessed him.

God then allows Satan or Saturn to test Job.

Well, needless to say. Satan or Saturn has a real field day with poor old Job!

Job loses his family, wealth, and all but three friends desert him. During this entire ordeal Job remains steadfast in his love of God. So then Satan hits him with the big one- his health. Job’s body is covered with sores and his three friends take him to a garbage dump at his request where he retreats into his tent. He tells his three friends to stay outside the tent and remain watchful. He then instructs them not to speak to him unless he asks them to.

His three friends were: Eliphaz the Temaite, a son of Esau; Bilidad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite. They symbolize the tree lower vehicles of the ego, sometimes known as the mind, the desire nature or body and the physical domain.

So for seven days and nights Job remains in his tent, alone. He remains faithful in his love of God and then leaves the tent healthy and victorious!

God then not only restores wealth, family, health and friends to Job, He increases all that Job had before the testing.

Along about the twenty ninth verse of Job we learn of a fourth friend, Elihu. Elihu esoterically means a new understanding of truth.



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