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The Structure Of Turning Points

Turning Points vary in the intensity of the crises or reorientation that may occur. They also vary in the length of time they are active. If you examine a Turning Point period closely you will notice a series of graph spikes with three day periods of elevated intensity followed by several days of greatly reduced intensity. There are also a number of these three day periods. These three day periods are when issues that you are dealing with in your life may intensify. During a Turning Point period, these intensifications occur generally every seven days. These periods are days when LIFE ISSUES MAY COME TO A HEAD.

The two week period in the exact middle of the Turning Point period are the times when it is most obvious to people that they are in a crisis period of their life. Each Turning Point period forms a kind of pyramid shape, indicating an initial buildup of issues, a culmination point, and then a period of issues resolution. You must remember that these periods are not all blatantly obvious. They do not all represent some major catastrophe. They occur within the context of what is actually occurring in your life. They simply represent those periods of time when the issues you find yourself concerned with intensify. It is like a wave, with periods when you are sort of coasting, periods when issues are intensifying, and periods when issues are resolving themselves. You are always in one of these three types of periods. What is so useful about the Turning Point Forecasting Graph is it’s remarkable ability to forecast these periods and the days when it is most likely that issues will come to a head and/or when an intense period will resolve itself.

TpatthThe Turning Points at the beginning and midpoint of phases last longer in their felt influence than the quarter points. The length of time when Turning Points are most obvious in your life can last from two to four weeks. The two weeks in the middle of the Turning Point period is the period of time when issues become most intense. THESE ARE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT PERIODS TO WATCH. In the illustration above I have called these periods of time THE TWO WEEK CRITICAL PERIOD. A RESOLUTION OF ISSUES OFTEN OCCURS SHORTLY AFTER THIS PERIOD.

All of this points to the fact that Turning Point periods are processes in and of themselves, with a build-up of life issues related to the archetype of the phase, a culmination period, and a period of issues resolution. The degree of intensity or significance is indicated, as I have said, by the height of the graph spikes. A measure of 10 representing the highest intensity possible. You will find a remarkable degree of accuracy in the ability of these graphs to predict periods of crisis and opportunity related to your life.

The 3 day period in the exact middle of the Turning Point period marks the Culmination Point of the Turning Point Period. This 3 day period can often be experienced as a subtle ‘turning about’ or shift in the feelings you have about the issues that are coming up for you. You will, if you observe closely, find you have reoriented your life somewhat after this culmination point. It is, of course, much easier to observe that this has occurred after the period has passed, since the issues you are dealing with may involve you so intensely that you don’t “notice” the change till it’s past. A week or so after the culmination point, you can often observe that a reorientation in your life did occur around the culmination point. It is often remarkable how accurate these graphs come to predicting the actual periods of growth change and issues resolution.

From here, my suggestion is to actually read the descriptions of the individual phases that all humans pass through as a process of growth.

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