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It is more than 20 years now since the time I started studying Astrology. The reason for this study at that time was to disprove the subject but it did not take long for me to understand that my thought regarding it was incorrect. Astrology does have the power to offer the interpretation of a person’s character accurately by the natal chart if a person has its good understanding.

However, a layman wrongly takes it as an exact science or a system of Fortune-Telling. In fact, its laws are mostly of a psychological nature that tells us the tendencies in a person and not all of his personality for sure. Also it is not a system of prediction or telling the future as taken even by some of the learned astrologers of our time.

But here I do not intend to forward an argument for the nature of Astrology as I take it, instead I want to present some interesting observation regarding Suicidal Tendencies that are clearly shown in natal charts.

For my study, I took the Birth Data of 30 ordinary persons that had committed Suicide, with some effort and search from the Internet. Please note that I do not have any personal knowledge about these persons and have taken the data as presented without any scrutiny. Also please note that though I have done this mentioned work carefully and studiously yet as I have managed it individually so there remains a small chance of error in one or two data. Any similarity with any one that has departed by Suicide must be considered as by chance as I would not present any names here and also would not give the dates of birth though I have saved them all with back-up at my computers. This data is uniformly spread ranging from 1950 to 1986 with three entries from 1950’s, four entries from 1960’s, nine entries from 1970’s and fourteen entries from 1980’s.

With this data, I have also observed a second much smaller data of 6 greatly famous persons that chose their death by suicide (or are said to have chosen it that way) that was available for study. I would present the result of my observation for this Data too.

Again I have studied a third data of somewhat famous persons (but not having a global fame) and I would also remark on that. Without any reservation I would accept the point that this is a very small data for observation. However I have tried to give here a simple hypothesis to check in each data and it does provide an initiative in this regard. Much work must be done to validate these results on a large scale so as to conform the assumption presented here.

The birth charts of ordinary persons that committed or said to have committed Suicide

In the very beginning of the observation of the first data that was based on ordinary persons that had committed suicide, I noted an interesting phenomenon that the natal charts of almost all the persons had Mars and Saturn in play. Mostly I found that Mars and Saturn were very near to each other as seen from the Earth and sometimes they had specific difference of degrees that was commonly accepted as an unfavorable planetary configuration in astrology. At both of these positions for this first data, there was at least one planet present in the sign Scorpio (the sign of Death) and mostly it was Jupiter or Uranus. Now in this study it would have been a wonderful find if any simple configuration of the planets did prove to hold good. Keeping this in mind, I assumed a set of planetary configuration involving both of these planets Mars and Saturn (both known as Malefic in Astrology), and on that self-devised criterion tested the position of these planets in the natal charts of the persons in study.

The Assumption that I took was that:

“If the planet Mars is within 30 degrees with the planet Saturn (equal to one sign or one house in astrology) or it is in square aspect with Saturn by astrological standard (equal to 90 degrees with the difference of 8 degrees allowed). And with this configuration, any one of the other planets is in the Sign Scorpio (specially Jupiter or Uranus), it shows the danger of committing Suicide”.

I checked the assumption practically by the charts presented through a Computer Program and the findings were so very interesting that I would like to share them with you.

Among the thirty Charts, fifteen had Mars and Saturn within 30 degrees (eight were 16 to 30 degrees apart while seven were less than that) and a planet was present in the Sign Scorpio in all except for one. Please note that I have taken a difference of 30 degrees purposely here due to the observation of the data at hand while in Astrology there is a configuration with allowance of commonly 8 to 10 degree orb only that is named conjunction. Jupiter was the body that occurred at Scorpio in five cases while Uranus was the other body that occurred in same number of cases here. Among the other five charts, Pluto and Mercury occurred once each while two had Mars and Saturn themselves in Scorpio. One chart had no planet in Scorpio in this category though it had Mars & Saturn in conjunction by astrological standard and Mercury was in conjunction to Sun. In this chart, Pluto (The Ruler of Scorpio) made this same aspect (conjunction) to Moon. Please note that both the lights are taken to be the most important feature of any chart alongwith Ascendant and the aspects specially conjunction have a great importance here.

Alternately for the assumption, I had to see if Saturn was in Square to Mars but with astrological standard, with any of the other planets (Sun and Moon included) in Scorpio. Five of the remaining charts conformed to this that had a square of both the Malefic in them. A planet was present in each case here except for one that had a planetary configuration called a T-square among Mars, Saturn and Pluto. The planet in Scorpio in other four charts was Saturn, Venus, Neptune and again Neptune respectively.

There were ten charts in this data that did not conform to any part of the assumption except for a planet in Scorpio that was present in all but two of these remaining charts. However, even in these ten charts, it was a very interesting fact to note that seven had both malefic planets Saturn and Mars linked with Pluto always by favorable aspects. Moreover five of these seven charts had one of these three planets in Scorpio while the couple that did not have any planet in Scorpio, both had a grand trine between Mars, Saturn and Pluto. It seems to me as if the planet of death (Pluto) was providing the missing link by favorable aspects to both malefic planets to these persons and the cumulative effect was as if Mars and Saturn were in conjunction as in other nativities with a planet in Scorpio.

These Findings are most remarkable as they clearly tell us that natal charts do have a key to providing the disclosure of Suicidal Tendency though much work is yet needed to validate this observation due to the small number of the data collected.

Please note that 27 out of 30 charts taken have a conformation to the set criterion in some way or other. Considering the favorable connections of Pluto to both the Malefic at one time in the natal chart as an unfavorable aspect among both, it is safe to say that the unfavorable link of Mars and Saturn is dangerous for normal tendencies. With a planet preferably Jupiter or Uranus in Scorpio, this tendency increases much and may guide a person to kill his own self considering it the best or perhaps the only way out.

Although this study needs much broader study for sure with the same criterion yet the observation here do seem to guide us to understand ourselves better and make us capable to deal with the problem of Suicide that is mistakenly taken as a solution to problems by ignorant. It is interesting to note that I have not found Neptune that is the planet of confusion, self-sacrifice and daydreaming much connected with this problem though purely by astrological consideration, it had to play a major role here.

The birth charts of highly famous persons that committed or said to have committed Suicide

Now, observing the Second Data that is the birth charts of highly famous persons that committed or said to have committed Suicide, I noticed some common features again. Here, Mars did not have a prominent role and Neptune was again not very significant though it did appear to have a part in this set-up. The main actors at this stage were Jupiter, Saturn and interestingly, the Moon.

Seeing these three bodies in play and also a role of fixed signs, I devised a simple assumption to check. It goes that:

“If Jupiter or Saturn is in conjunction with the Moon and the remaining planet of the two occupies a sign that is fixed by nature, there is a great danger of committing suicide”.

It is most interesting to note that all the six Birth Charts I took for study fully conformed to this assumption. However the sample taken due to non-availability of much facts and figures, is so meager that the hypothesis has to be checked on a much greater scale with many charts of the highly famous people that have ignorantly committed suicide.

Here I would like to remark that Astrology tells us that the conjunction of Jupiter and Moon is good for optimism and a sound mind. It is a favorable aspect if other indications agree. I do not challenge this (in fact I do accept the rule) but I would like to say here plainly that we are in for quite an addition of text in the aspects of the planets indeed. For the present, let us check the available charts of these highly famous persons that committed suicide.

Adolph HitlerThe most obvious example of this is the ruthless Nazi leader of Germany who wounded not only many humans but also humanity itself. Adolph Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 with the last degrees of Libra at the Ascendant. His chart clearly vouches for the given assumption as he has Moon and Jupiter in conjunction while the third body of this trio i.e. Saturn is in Leo, the fixed fire sign. There may be other indication for his suicide yet the main theme of the trio is clearly visible.

Elvis PresleyElvis Presley (born January 8th, 1935) had Saturn in conjunction to Moon while Jupiter, the third body of the Trio, was in Scorpio, the fixed water sign. It is interesting to note that a favorable aspect between Jupiter and Neptune is always present when Jupiter is not with Moon in such cases. Here we find Jupiter in sextile to Neptune. It seems that Saturn and Jupiter both need to touch the mind in the cases of these famous lives. Moon is always a representative of a sound mind while Neptune is the artistic mind that likes to dream even when fully awake.

Michel GauquelinMichel Gauquelin (born November 13th, 1928) was a German astrologer of repute. He has some interesting theories to his credit and has written a number of books on the subject. His chart shows the Moon in conjunction with Saturn while Jupiter is in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign, with a Trine from Neptune. His Sun is in Scorpio, indicating his interest in occult matters clearly.

Ernest HemmingwayErnest Hemmingway (born July 21st, 1899) was a classical writer of fiction. His work “The old man and the sea” is a well-written story that also shows his grasp of the understanding of human nature. He chose to depart from the world in the same fashion as his father did and committed suicide in 1961. His chart shows a wide conjunction of Moon and Saturn while his Jupiter was in Scorpio. Here Jupiter had a Trine from Neptune. The Moon that plays an important part in these cases seem to have a say due to fact that these all have a public image and they know quite well that their actions would affect the feelings of the people specially their fans. Please note that the Moon in Astrology is very closely related to the people in general.

Let us take another famous case here.

Marylyn MonroeIt was August of 1962 when she chose to die at the age of 36, according to the popular acceptance. Marylyn Monroe, who was born on 1st of June 1926, was one of the most beautiful actresses of her times and her suicide (if it was that) was a very sad incident for millions of her fans. She had a conjunction of Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius, the Fixed Air Sign with Saturn in Scorpio, the Fixed Water Sign. Neptune was also present in a fixed sign Leo opposing Moon and Jupiter while squaring Saturn. With so much fixed in her chart and with the trio taking its position well she needed a lot of strength to combat the given situation. She did well for many years after a very sad childhood yet in the last did lose her hopes and will to go on with life.

Virginia WoolfThe last of the charts in this data is for Virginia Woolf who was a wonderful novel-writer. She was born at 25th January 1882. She had Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto in the Fixed Sign Taurus, with Moon in conjunction to Saturn. The Hypothesis is still valid as is quite clear. This completes the record of suicide among the most famous according to the data given here and amazingly it conforms 100% to the set Criterion.

Although the data presented does prove the given assumption totally yet much work must be done on this same assumption for conformation. This is especially more important now when we find cases of terror such as 9/11. It is a point to note that the Moon was sandwiched between Jupiter and Saturn; and Mars (and Pluto) was in opposition to this Trio of Suicide on that deadly date. It is the Plain Truth that you may conform by your own self. And again this sad incident that shook the world came in the tenure of a person (Mr. G.W. Bush) who has the Moon in conjunction to Jupiter & Neptune, with Saturn very near to a Fixed Sign Leo that already has three planets present inside. The planets in the heavens seem to say that if all is well set and no one is interested in combating our deadly influence, let us do the bad work. So the stars do play well but the theme is for us to understand.

I do not say that all such configuration would lead to the suicidal tendency or an attempt for it but I do want this phenomenon checked on a big scale so that we could save many people if we understand the phenomenon correctly. The main reason to present this paper is that we all by collective effort get a tool to prevent such persons that guide their frustration out by a wrong outlet, creating trouble for all the persons around. Please note that my religion Islam commands to save lives as much as possible as the Quran tells us that “To kill one innocent life is to kill the whole humanity and to save one life is to save the whole humanity”. Due to this I have tried hard to form rules that may benefit my fellow beings. May Allah give His Blessing to all of the people by the True Knowledge of all things.

As the odds against the assumptions seem to be surprisingly low I am positive in saying that we do have something here that must be checked thoroughly and if it holds to the test, put to use with such measures that many lives may be saved. Now let us take the final data.

The birth charts for the persons that were somewhat famous that committed or said to have committed Suicide

The third and the last data that I checked in this regard was for the persons that were somewhat famous yet not on a global level. These also show the same trend for Moon and the fixed signs though Saturn and Jupiter were less involved here. Most of the charts had a square to the Moon and the planet squaring the Moon was Pluto or Uranus. I have also seen that Chiron has prominence in the natal charts of those who lead to mass suicide or ask for it. In this data, hypothesis that was to be taken to test needed some effort but I took what I thought best as “Moon when comes in square to Uranus or Pluto and the Fixed Signs are pronounced, it shows an inclination towards Suicide”. Checking this assumption on 18 persons randomly selected from the site listed below, I found interesting results.

I studied the charts of (1) Dana Plato (actress), (2) Kart Cobian (musician), (3) G. Eastman (Film Roll fame), (4) Brian Samuel (manager of “Beetles”), (5) Goebbles (Nazi Propagandist), (6) David Kelly (Scientist), (7) Felix Hansdorf (Mathematician), (8) Sarah Kane (Playwright), (9) Hamelore Kohl (wife of Mr. Helmut Kohl), (10) Fridolen Andermat (Swiss Politician), (11) Gerard de Nerval (Poet), (12) Walter Benjamin (Cultural Theorist), (13) Herman Brood (musician), (14) Gilles Deluze (French Philosopher), (15) Romain Garry (Russian Novelist), (16) Charlotte Perkins (feminist, essayist), (17) Stephen Zureigg (writer) and (18) Louis Althusser (writer on ideology).

Now, some of these charts proved the criterion in total where Moon was in square to Uranus or Pluto and the Fixed Signs were pronounced while some were totally out of this plan. When more than 3 planets are situated in fixed signs they are pronounced i.e. prominent and if both the lights Sun & Moon are in fixed sign then even one more body in a fixed sign would make the fixed signs prominent.

The charts that conformed the test totally were number 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 13, 15, 16 and 17. However, the chart of No. 16 had Moon in conjunction to Mars and it needed the aid of Mars to link to Pluto. These are Nine charts in total, a good margin for the test.

The charts that did not conform to test were 2, 9, 12, 14, 18 but even four of these showed some aspect of Moon to Saturn (an odd player here) and a favorable aspect from Moon to Pluto (sextile in two, trine in one and conjunction in one). The remaining charts 5, 8, 10 and 11 though again did not conform yet the fixed signs were prominent in ALL. The result seems 50:50 at this hypothesis but seeing the trends, some more observation may lead to a better idea of the configuration to be seen.

I am sure that if we observe the world around us and its influences well we would make ourselves much better people. Wood, Iron and Bronze have developed a lot that we erroneously call development of Man. It is about time that we do develop by increasing our Knowledge about ourselves, as this Knowledge is Power that would lead us to better ourselves and all the people of the world.

By Muhammad Saleem Dada

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