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Your Sun Is In Aquarius, Your Moon Is In…?

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Aries:

The pioneer, the challenger and the real initiator.
A very powerful combination, you can take on anyone and you live by your own rules. You have enough power to stand up for yourself and do your thing even when everybody else disagrees. The astronaut archetype. But you could be very difficult to live with because you want things done your way, with very little room to compromise and a tendancy to be judgemental.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Taurus:

Probably the most stubborn combo here, nobody can change your mind!! Try being more flexible. You’re handy with gadgets and hand held electrical stuff, and less cuckoo than your other aquarian friends. The whiz kid who can fix any appliance.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Gemini:

Extremely intelligent!
I find it to be one of the all time brightest combinations. School must have been child’s play for you! The inventor Archetype. But as for any air/air combo, can be very detached to the extent that important events and details may fly over your head.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Cancer:

Great energy as you actually have feelings, unlike your average aquarius
You are the defender of all things vulnerable. Great for standing up for children or women’s right. Also may be a great communicator with animals and work for animal rights as you are focused on the “big family”. Strong with some lovely emotional vulnerability underneath. Ability to time travel into the past.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Leo:

Go read my Leo-Aquarius polarity article, it shall be descriptive of the struggle you feel. You have an unusual ability to detect the glitches of the natural system and usually, your curiosity will make you mess with them.

I bet you’re the kind of people who mess with godly creations and experiment with cloning and weird laboratory stuff like that. This is especially true if combined with pluto/scorpio energy. I mean if you really have to, atleast invent something useful like regenerative stem cells for ppl with missing limbs. Or something like that. If this is weirding you out, take it metaphorically and it will make some sense to you.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Virgo:

You do an assigned job right and you do it creatively, with a brilliant twist. A fast track mind, you have an inner sensitivity to people’s needs. You sense it, search for it (or google it!), then hand it in and enlighten those in need, the way zeus brought the lightning from the gods despite their refuse to serve mankind.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Libra:

Master Architect and a great designer.
Great combination because you can actually convince people with your crazy ideas, and get away with doing minimal work at school or in your job, because you know how to work smart, present your work nicely and persuade. More easy going than your average Aquarius. Too lazy to start a revolution.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Scorpio:

The mastermind.
Serious intellect that should not be messed with, you’re an excellent researcher and you have a will of steel. Aquarius and Scorpio are both very tough and will fight till the end, so that makes you kind of indestructable. Who can fool you? Nobody!! Great combination for a psychologist/metaphysician.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Sagittarius:

Very broad mental range and great teacher material.
One of the most Freedom loving combinations of the zodiac and cannot be tied down. You like friends and interacting with people as long as they mind their own business and give you your sacred “space”. You have a natural skill for astral/mental travel, and time travelling along with some other combos like aqua/cancer and aqua pisces, but in your case its more future travel.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Capricorn:

Made of tough stuff.
You will rebel because your consciousness cannot accept unfairness. Like cancer, you are very likely to fight for the unpriviliged and identify with them to a great extent. Very responsible but you need to lighten up and not take the whole burden of humanity on yourself.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Aquarius:

A cyborg?
You are quite advanced and strange and your ways of doing things are yet to be understood by the other slower thinking entities. You are very objective and give very little weight (if any) to emotional judgement (the only exception would be having venus in pisces). You are atleast a couple of generations ahead of your time. Very eccentric. The mad professor archetype. I recommend reading my Aquarian page as it will greatly apply to you.

Sun In Aquarius, Moon In Pisces:

The genuis poet.
Wonderful combination!! You know all, and feel all. The problem is, you might nto be “here”, in this world most of the time. Try to focus a bit on the present moment for a while, but then again maybe it is not so important, as your mind is occupied with concepts larger than life. You are a great balance between thinking and feeling and may be a great artist, musician or writer.

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