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Sun In Aries

The Sun in Aries

When the Sun is in Aries in a person’s chart they consider themselves important in so far as they take direct immediate decisive action. The sign of Aries makes the Sun want immediate feedback and it thinks of its own intentions strongly, this Sun position is a natural leader albeit egotistical and self-focused.

Having the Sun in Aries is much more physically active and flamboyant than having the Ascendant there. This is a double fire influence. The Sun shows where you attempt to establish a sense of pride, to shine in some outstanding way.

You have a strong desire to be first, to show the way. You would like to be a leader but you are impatient trying to watch to see if others are following you. Your ego is involved.

Most of the time you run on ahead leaving others to do their own thing as you most desire to do your own thing. Even so, the Sun demands that you position yourself with regard to others. You want to be proud of your independence.

With the Sun in Aries, you are a dynamic, forward-looking person and the future, not the past, is what concerns you. Nor do you have time for petty details or for anything, or anyone, who makes you feel pinned down. You are a great romantic and love, for you, must be a fairy tale romance, or, at the very least, a passionate, dramatic saga, or you soon lose interest and move on. And, as Aries is a pioneer, new horizons often beckon. Being governed by adventurous Mars, the planet that rules conquest, you thrive on every kind of challenge, which means that what lies beyond your reach often has a great deal more attraction for you than what you already have.

As opposites attract, it is those with the Sun or other planets in Libra, your opposing sign, that your Sun is most in tune with. This is an extremely happy and romantic combination. You can recognize these people by their gentle, easy-going manner and their grace and charm, as well as by their natural understanding of the art of give and take. Where you are a pioneer and leader, they are happy to fit in and follow, as they are stimulated and inspired by your originality and your dynamic energy and style. Where you can be forceful and hot-headed, rushing in where angels fear to tread, they carefully weigh up all the pros and cons of every situation and provide the perfect balance for you. Their approach to love may be more subtle and sophisticated than yours is, but they need you to feel alive and make things happen.

With the Sun in Aries, you will also be on the same wavelength as those with planets in the other fire signs, Sagittarius and Leo. Like you, these people are both adventurous and forward-looking in their attitude towards both life and love, and always on the go, looking for fresh peaks to climb and lands to conquer. You share many passions and ideals with them, and you can be sure that they won’t try to fence you in or cramp your style! However, because fire is so volatile, and, at times, explosive, tempers can flare up and you can also leave the dull realities of everyday a bit too far behind you.

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