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Sun In Cancer

The Sun in Cancer

When the Sun is in Cancer the person has strong feelings which are important to them along with their families as well as memories. Their subjective reactions are very important to them, this is the sign of the “gut” feeling and Cancer Sun signs should listen to their impressions.

This position of the Sun gives you great pride and energy to cling to those you love as well as your home and country. It grants much ability to succeed in the business world. You are able to tune in to the public pulse and feel what the market is seeking. You are likely to have broad sympathies and yet you have a strong instinct to protect your own. You seek interaction with the world around you which you do successfully.

At the same time you reserve considerable privacy in your home and family. You have increased ability to maintain your security without losing contact with the outside world. You are extremely sensitive and emotional about feelings. However, pride is a block to the free expression of your sensitivity.

Never the less, your feelings are difficult to hide and may cause you some physical illness, particularly your stomach.

The Sun in this position causes you to closely associate your own ego dependency on others. You find it difficult to act independently and suffer severely from rejection by others especially those close to you. You may attempt to rule by divine right to maintain the security, peace and harmony in your circle. You may allow failure to conform on the part of others to cause your collapse.

Your decisions are always geared to hold your family in position. Because of this, you are subject to pressure and the excuse that others forced your action.

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