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Sun Conjunct Pluto

Specific Sun-Pluto Conjunction Themes

Sun Conjunct Pluto aspect is a powerful one. Since the prevailing thematic material of Pluto is death and re-birth, when in contact with the Sun, and in particular in the conjunct aspect, you may become the actual agent to which the re-generative cycle initiates. In fact, you may also be the agent of change on lives that are close to you.

There are however two caveats to such power, as demonstrated on my research.

First, Pluto’s elimination of patterns is only applicable to truly old patterns.

Second, harnessing Plutonic energies is not an easy task, since Pluto is a transcendental planet. In fact, it is common to alert those trying to use Plutonic energies purely for selfish purposes to abstain from this practice since these forces are better used to the improvement of all, rather than the one. This is truly a documented and important consideration, which if ignored can evoke great opposition of one’s goals, rendering the effort of harnessing such energies, at least useless, at most undoing or frustrating.

If the expression of power that manifests in your identity is one of control, then your ability to maintain self-control and have your life and environment under control will be crucial to your self-esteem. Whether you have control or lack control will determine, in your eyes, whether you are a successful person. Being frequently placed in situations beyond the control of you, in which you feel powerless, will weaken your self-esteem and may contribute to various reactive behaviors, such as anger, cruelty, violence or the desire to manipulate and control others. The accumulation of power, through positive channels, will contribute to a feeling of security and high self-esteem. You may therefore seek positions of status and leadership, because these provide you with a particularly rewarding sense of self worth. You may, indeed, define who you are by what you control or by the power that you have accumulated. You see any threat of loss of power and position, or of loss of control, as a threat to your integrity as an individual.

When power and control are not available circumstantially to you, sexuality may become another outlet for your drive for power. Sexuality leads to an intense experience of primal-like energy and, also, may involve psychological elements of power and control. You may, thus, seek sexual experience as a substitute for power. This contributes to an aura of sexual energy and your identification with the sexual side of your psyche.

Obsession is another characteristic that may arise within you. Obsession may be directed toward any of the previously mentioned symbols of primal energy or towards some other object. The quality of obsession then becomes closely entwined with your persona and self-identity.

It is a slippery slope, however, by which these positive manifestations of Sun-Pluto conjunction can become destructive and negative. It only takes the ego becoming unbalanced or selfish for you to abuse force, power, the will to dominate and take control, cunning and insight, and sexuality. Because the Plutonian function also acts through the subconscious, the powerful dynamics of Sun-Pluto can easily turn on you, as well, with you becoming the victim of others’ abuses. ¹

I suppose that Sun Conjunct Pluto aspect can be used with great positive results if efforts are put to overtake one’s limitations and not to transform others, to actively use Pluto’s great energy and power, to enhance your sense of expression and creation, and to measure carefully how much one should interfere or remold the lives of others.

Finally, it is said that Sun conjunt Pluto is an aspect of action, where not only you will feel or think you must act, transform, grow, but in this case you really must move assertively towards your growth.



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