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Sun in the Eighth House

☉ Sun in the Eighth House

The Sun
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

Sun in 8th House Meaning – Focus on Intimacy

The eighth house is associated with a conglomeration of things ranging from death, taxes, sex, legacies, inheritances, transformation, regeneration, etc. But what I find most fascinating about this house is that this house is associated with the hidden and mysterious; thereby, this is one of the houses closely associated with the subconscious/unconscious mind.

Things that lie hidden beneath the surface are eighth-house matters. The natural sign of the eighth house is Scorpio, associated with our passions and motivations. The ancient ruler of Scorpio was Mars, associated with masculine sexual principles and the modern ruler is Pluto, associated with the primal as well as transformation/regeneration.

It is said that the Sun in the 8th house adds depth to a person’s character. However, often this depth is earned through struggle as was mentioned earlier about the Sun’s house. We have a natural affinity for that area of life, but may have to face adversity there as well. This, to my way of thinking, may be necessary in order for us to prove ourselves to ourselves in order to find that we are perfectly capable of functioning in this area.

Sun in the 8th House: Positive Traits

The Sun in the Eighth House suggests that you are engaged with issues of intimacy and privacy and that your identity is linked to these issues. Your tendency will be to be introverted. Because you may feel engaged in matters that should not be publicly observed, you may have difficulty or resistance to expressing yourself or revealing your true identity. You may not be as outgoing as you otherwise might be. (Gargatholil)

Those with an eighth-house Sun usually feel a compulsion to investigate in some way the hidden or mysterious and possibly dangerous in life. This house is associated with death and natives should be forewarned not to concentrate on the morbid particularly since “death” in this house is usually associated with psychological transformation rather than actual physical death. This meaning when you are an adolescent, you are no longer a child just as an adult ideally is no longer an adolescent and a parent is no longer just the child of their parents but a parent in their own right. This is the death and transformation referred to in the eighth house. However, if you must be morbid and dwell on death, this may be an indication of the cause of our demise and you would most likely want to consider a look at the fourth house associated with the latter part of life as well.

Those with Sun in the Eighth House may become interested in deeper self-understanding, and through their need for this begin to search in the realms of psychology, religion and occultism and commence your spiritual quest to discover their holistic centre. This attraction to the mysteries of life is associated with the 8th house, and their solar path of development will lead towards such realms. Areas of social taboo can particularly fascinate and they may become interested in techniques that require the application of a focused will, such as magic or creative visualisation. (Haydn Paul)

An 8th house Sun indicates that the question of personal worth through partnership is central. The experience of being with someone – not just interacting with the person, but truly merging – is an experience so important that everything else pales in comparison. They plug into life-energy through trusting relationships. Faith in their partner parallels belief in theirself; choose the wrong partners and they short-circuit their growth. The ‘right’ partner will work with them to achieve a state of union. The surrender is not to each other, but to something mutual, and more profound than either ego. They’ll know they’re on the right track when togetherness is accompanied by the feeling that they are more and more your true self. The challenge is to be productively connected – not dependent, yet not separate; linked in trust while still honoring your own path. (Bill Herbst)

Now let’s move along to brighter subject matter and a very primal one at that – sex! The people with the Sun in the Eighth House may have an increased interest in the subject or conversely, without the proper self-knowledge, choose to avoid the subject altogether. The sex drive is usually dynamic and one of the lessons in life for these people will be to learn to live in the physical body in a healthy manner and to appreciate sexuality without becoming obsessive/compulsive about the matter. These people do, however, recognize sex as an energizer as well as an expression of romantic affection and creating children. Most people have experienced that one of the most relaxing states in life is the post-orgasmic.

The exploration of their sexuality may assume a high profile, as that is one way to gain experiences of emotional and physical intensity. Much will depend on their reactions to the issue of life intensity, whether they wholeheartedly embrace its potential or whether they feel afraid of exalted and heightened feelings and senses. If fear dominates, through unease about moving beyond existing boundaries, then they may choose to resist deeper life intimacy and reject the potential transformation. However, if the Sun in the Eighth house natives persevere in daring to explore the scope of life, their inner experience can become enriched and those pressures dissolved through conscious self-expression. Relationships may then become less a battlefield and more a foundation for progressive growth and enjoyment of life, as they succeed in transforming their need for union into positive life enhancement, instead of passively allowing theirself to be dominated by the consequences of inner storms. (Haydn Paul)

The eighth house is difficult to define, but usually here there is a desire to expand limitations through union with another. Obviously, the symbolic form of this desire is the union of two bodies sexually. The individuals with the Sun in the 8th house may benefit from inheritance or the desire of others to help them in some way. It is also true that these natives will be endowed with an ability to deal with crisis situations so much so that when others are in need they may well seek out the eighth-house Sun individual for help in a crisis.

In the 8th House the Sun gives strength, independence, endurance, and great potential power, which can show forth in the outside world as success in business, politics, the arts, or in any arena. There is the ability to sense what will work and the courage to act on it. There is also an ability to manage others with skill, though that skill may sometimes appear somewhat Machiavellian. (Stephanie Camilleri)

Some other interests of the eighth-house Sun may be an interest later in life of the survival of the consciousness after death. The lessons of life may be strife ridden, as these experiences tend to be required to add depth to the character. They may have a talent for dealing with the belongings of the dead or things left as dead such as salvage or possibly archaeology or history. Sometimes this could manifest as fame after death. Also, these individuals are often fascinated by the underlying motives of others, so the subject of psychology cannot be ruled out, particularly since the eighth house is so closely aligned with the subconscious/unconscious mind.

One level of the life-purpose for the people with the Sun in 8th house involves the management, responsibilities, and benefits of money, property and possessions. There is no clear way to tell from the Sun’s placement alone what their monetary circumstances are, not what their characteristic reaction will be; the Sun sign and interplanetary aspects must be considered for that. What we can know is that their circumstances and reactions directly influence essential fulfillment. They may have power they apparently didn’t ask for, or they may lack power they desperately want; but in either case, the power of shared resources will eventually be theirs. The pitfall is failing to see how many people they affect. The challenge is to own this power fully. Use it consciously, however you choose to ‘spend’ it.

A 8th house Sun indicates that these people approach transformation with their whole self. It’s not a process they can flirt with, for when they undertake this path, the essence of their life-direction changes. It’s like a solar eclipse. The lights of their universe temporarily go out – not something to be undertaken lightly. If they can’t die well, they can’t live well. They didn’t come to the Earth to live one life; they came to live many, in sequence, each built from the ashes of the one preceding, and all within a single lifetime, within a single body. An ordinary life is not for those with Sun in the Eighth House, so don’t try to create one – it can result only in the suffocation of being buried alive. These people need to live in the flow of the extraordinary. Forget normalcy; go for the gusto! (Bill Herbst)

Sun in the Eighth House: Negative Traits

You may actualize the transcendent potential of the Sun in the Eighth House when, after becoming disillusioned with the level and quality of intimacy offered by external relationships, you explore that most intimate of areas–your own soul. This begins, perhaps, with a plumbing of your emotional depths or with an intensive analysis of your subconscious. Your quest for self-awareness then extends into a deeply mystical exploration of the nature of Self. (Gargatholil)

Unfortunately, along with these powerful gifts, this position, Sun in the 8th house, also brings emotional isolation in some form. In youth, they were usually socially isolated in some way, the ego undergoing difficult tests of the loss of love, death of loved ones, undue restriction, social ostracism, possibly even institutionalization, or a combination of these, at an early age, and often alone, without loving counsel. Rather than destroy the ego, this usually works to crystallize it, strengthen it, forcing it to feed on ideas, fantasies, on religious truths, or plans for the future, giving it great potential for the adult years of power.

The people with rhe Sun in the Eighth House seem complete unto themselves, cool, self-reliant, and secure within their own abilities; but they will always be vulnerable, deeply craving affaction and commitment, and more or less terrified that they will never find it. In their own isolation, it is hard for them to see the need and vulnerability of others; and they may be capable of terrible coldness, and even cruelty, to those who need the, They may latch onto one person who they hope will give them all they crave in the way of emotional sustenance and commitment; but this can be neurotic in intensity and lead to an agonizing breakup. There may be a number of such relationships.

A man with Sun in 8th house will yearn for a partner who seems to be emotioanlly secure, often someone with more money or social position, one with a powerful or well-to-do father, or who is older and more successful in her career; or the well-kept mate or lover of a successful man, whom he will woo with all his power. These relationships usually have a hard time in reality. He may dedicate much time and effort to winning her (or him), then back out at the last minute out of fear of the emotional or financial demands of the relationship. Should the object of his dreams actually turn to him and begin to reveal an ordinary neediness of her own, he may even begin to hate her. (Stephanie Camilleri)

If the Sun in the eighth house is afflicted, they may be unscrupulous in the use of other people’s money; may have unfavorable litigations where legacies are concerned, and may face unfavorable alimony and property settlements in the case of divorce as well as being very judgmental toward themselves and others.

If you are inwardly insecure, your subconscious awareness of your own mortality and contingency (i.e., your ultimate non-existence) leads your subconscious self to protect your ego from this awareness, lest your identity (your ego) be destroyed. One manifestation of this internal suppression of awareness is that you suppress your awareness of your dependency on others, especially for emotional security and feelings of intimacy. Consequently, to reinforce your ego and feeling of existence, you feel you must always be in control. Therefore, you focus on gaining and using power, controlling others and enforcing your dominance over others.
You may be attracted to sexuality. For you, this is primarily an expression of power and control. You are likely to have difficulty feeling and sharing real intimacy because this requires letting go and sharing your authentic self. You may also become obsessed with death and the occult, but this obsession is a psychological totem designed to protect you against your own mortality. (Gargatholil)

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