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Sun in the Eleventh House

☉ Sun in the Eleventh House

The Sun
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

Sun in 11th House Meaning – Focus on the Relationship to Society

In the eleventh house, we find the astrological house of goals and objectives, hopes and wishes, friendship, organizations, and group endeavors. The natural sign of this house is Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian. The traditional ruler was Saturn, although presently it is considered to be ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and revolution.

The Sun in the 11th House will most commonly find expression in group activity of some sort and those endeavors may be directed toward efforts to help those less fortunate than the native. Usually, they have high aims and goals, but should be careful about losing their own sense of individuality where group activities are concerned. Also, they should strongly affirm their own personal beliefs as with this placement we may find the individual believing what he/she is told to believe simply because the group tells them this is what they should embrace.

Sun in the 11th House: Positive Traits

The Sun in the Eleventh House suggests a complex identity problem, since the Eleventh House opposes the Sun’s natural house, the Fifth House (which is associated with Leo). In the Fifth House, one is free to express him/herself in order to find his/her identity. With an Eleventh House placement, you are concerned not only with your personal needs and expression, but with how your identity relates to the larger social construct, whether this be a peer group, a social group or society as a whole. (Gargatholil)

A 11th house Sun indicates that the path of development is directed towards group participation in the ongoing search for social and cultural progress. Idealism and dreams of a better future are vitalising energies; and they may become a channel for new perceptions, insights, knowledge and understanding of society, and a living exampe of how such abilities serve as a transformative potency which generates periodic social reform or revolution in varying ways.

Those with Sun in the Eleventh House will probably have a developed group or social awareness, conscious of the interplay between the individual and the collective, and an awakened heart to the often unnecessary suffering that man often inflicts on his fellow men, animals and nature unknowingly. This will lead them eventually to become more active in joining with others to propose creative solutions to minimise group pain and discomfort through the creation of greater public awareness and alternative policies that can be applied to resolve conflict situations. Certainly the potential for their path of development lies within group activity, and increasingly their sense of identity will be associated with group affinities. If their Sun aspects are harmonious (conjunction, sextile, trine), then their relationships with groups should run relatively smoothly, positively and co-operatively; if they are challenging (square, opposition) then more friction and disputes may occur. (Haydn Paul)

There may be an interest in occult matters, or scientific endeavors as well as inventions due to the influence of Uranus on this house. They sometimes have a strong ambition to achieve recognition for intellectual or mental endeavors. There is sometimes a desire for leadership over a group, but this is usually done on terms of equality and rarely will these people lord it over other members of a group, but instead may well act as the spokesperson for the group.

Those with the Sun in the 11th establish a more cogent sense of identity through social, humanitarian or political activities. The phrase ‘no man is an island’ is commonplace; but it still has particular significance for this placement.

In some way, the identity should be linked to a larger unit than the individual self. Personal recognition could be gained through group involvement, and it is not unusual for someone with the Sun here to rise to a position of prominence or wield influence within various kinds of organizations. The nature of the experiences encountered through group situations – how easily a person functions or adjusts in this sphere – can be seen by aspects to the Sun in this house. The person may be a channel through which new currents or trends entering the collective could manifest. (Howard Sasportas)

Those with Sun in the Eleventh House are usually humanitarian individuals with a strong sense of brotherhood to all. They tend to believe in the universal dignity of mankind and view laws in terms of universal toward everyone. They will rarely be biased or resort to favoritism. These leanings may very well draw these people into politics or social work as well as spiritual or religious organizations. These types of organizations can give these individuals the group setting they need to achieve, and usually these people are capable of accomplishing much throughout the course of their lifetime.

With the Sun in the 11th house their power increases when they work creatively in a group setting, and this energy is then available not only for them, but for the others in their group. And though this process is, by definition, shared, they want to lead, to call the shots. Temper your ambitions with humility. Your creative role is to provide basic fuel for the group’s expression, to give it both power and purpose. (Bill Herbst)

This location of the Sun gives a strong and unshakable sense of self from early childhood on. They seem to know who they are and what they want from the beginning. Generally attractive, they can be intensely charismatic, in some cases projecting an almost godlike quality of higher knowledge, inner strength, or supernatural wisdom. Many kings, queens, emperors, heroes, and actors who portray heroes have the Sun here, as well as many great innovators, those who set new styles or start new ways of thinking and doing things. Those with Sun in the Eleventh House go their own way and devil take the nidmost. They attract others to them, and they enjoy the company and the good times, but they also think nothing of pulling up stakes and seting forth on their own, leaving old friends behind forever. They feel confident in their ability to form new relationships when they need them. (Stephanie Camilleri)

Friendships as well are quite important to the individuals with the Sun in 11th house and they may make a very strong impact on close friends. This is another of the ways that these people can align themselves with something larger than the self, which is necessary for these people to come into their own. With friendships, there may be the possibility of projecting the Sun qualities onto others. This should be guarded against to ensure that the native retains their own sense of power and will. Aspects to the Sun will give clues to the ease or difficulties these people will have in friendships and group activities.

Those with Sun in the 11th House absorb life-energy through their friendships. The support of true friends is a crucial requirement in their life-purpose. No friends, no life. Their social circle is large and diverse. One or two friends are not enough to feed their demand for contact. Equally, if all their friends are of the same general mind or orientation, they limit the scope of fulfillment. It may seem that they’re building a wonderful world, but they’ll later discover that they’ve limited the potential of their own Godliness. Loyalty is essential, but there could be conflicts around dignity and power. Don’t let pride get in the way. Be the best friend you know how, then watch as others are drawn to you!

Groups are where you shine. Exercise dimplomacy, however, for you may throw your weight around a little too freely, assuming a dominant or superior pose. Be equally careful to avoid identifying so strongly with a group that you create a psychological clique, an in-group / out-group, ‘us-versus-them’ reality. These pitfalls may initially offer you more stability, security, and confidence; but in the long run they could sap your energy and threaten your life purpose. Remember that everyone on the planet is a member of the same group: humanity. Your challenge is to ground yourself in social reality, using groups to help define and express the most important themes of your life. (Bill Herbst)

In some natives, there will be a marked degree of independence and individualism due to the influence of Aquarius on this house. This sign tends to hate feeling trapped or cornered and tends to flee if the ties that bind begin to get too tight. Most of them tend to want companions similar to themselves that they can discourse and study with as well as pursue the truths they may be seeking.

Sun in the Eleventh House: Negative Traits

Conversely, some of the people with the Sun in the 11th House may be loners. This may be due to past betrayals or because of a painful loss. For most, this solitary lifestyle tends to be very difficult for them and life can lose a lot of its luster and become quite trying. These individuals tend to need other people, for their interaction with others seems to be necessary in order for them to reach their full potential as individuals in their own right.

If this position is afflicted, we may find the loner listed above, a tendency to domination of friends or having ulterior motives backfire due to the influence of Saturn on this house as well as a desire to buy their identity by aligning themselves with groups or belief systems. They can avoid this with humanitarian and egalitarian ideals.

Because you are inwardly insecure, you give undue attention to your self and you are unwilling to detach your self from the ego even in the least little bit. This causes you to fail both as a person and as a member of society. Rather than develop an authentic personality (taking responsibility for your selfhood), you adopt a group identity as a copout. Yet, unwilling to shoulder your responsibility to the group, you insist on standing out and expressing your individuality.
You have no real loyalty to the group or to its members. Yet, you live in fear that the group will abandon you. You fear facing life without the support of your group identity. Because you have not developed an authentic personal identity, you shrink from self-examination, lest you find a vacuum. Thus, you become the ultimate “groupy”, throwing your life into the life of the group, but in reality having no life to give. (Gargatholil)

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