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Sun Flower Essences


Sun is the powerhouse of our identity, the male, active, Yang principle within our central self. The Sun generates the conditions for life, which is then rhythmically managed by the nurturing, female Moon. The light of the Sun is steady and sustaining, but dangerous to look at. The Sun’s heat gives life, but can also bring aridity.

As the central symbol of our identity, the Sun represents our primary consciousness, our sense of self. It is the ‘I’ that each of knows intimately, the inner self that makes us separate from any other being in this lifetime. In the cauldron of life experience the sense of self may be buffeted and refined, but whether experiencing regret, resentment, joy or confidence, its basic nature remains identifiable and familiar. The primary, generative nature of the Sun means that it also represents the father, a vital component in the formation of the identity of the child.

Sun energies will become unbalanced if they are blocked or shine too strongly. Blockages of Sun energy can result in poor self-esteem, pessimism and depression, sometimes manifested outwardly as domination by the men in our lives. If the Sun shines too strongly, or has no balancing water (emotional) influences, it can wither and burn, expressed perhaps as arrogance and ambition, perhaps as world-weary grimness.

Balanced Sun energy is expressed in generosity and joyful participation in life, an innate knowledge of the abundance of the universe. The self shines and provides light and sustenance for those around us. Our father self awakens the child within, manifested externally by a joyful relationship with children.

Sun Flower Essences

five cornersFive Corners
gives love and acceptance of the self, and a celebration of our own beauty. Five Corners gives us the chance to recognise and clear our self-sabotage. This flower, with its drooping petals, symbolises transcendence of the closing-in of the self, the crushing of identity and esteem, and allows us to understand our true purpose.

Gymea LilyGymea Lily
allows our true light to shine without overwhelming others. We can take our eyes away from the glitter of status and glamour, and offer others their own chance to shine. The flowerÕs tall, imposing stalk suggests a demand for attention and an imposition of the self, yet symbolises appreciation of others. Our view of the nature of oppression can be fundamentally changed.

Little Flannel Flower Little Flannel Flower
gives the freedom to enjoy life and learn again to play. A flower that perfectly resembles a childÕs drawing of the Sun, it represents simple joy and freedom from care. The world can be a very grim place, and the weight of care can cause us to overlook the joy that is our natural state. Little Flannel Flower lets us see it again.

Mulla MullaMulla Mulla
a flower of endurance and rejuvenation, which grows best in the fiercest heat of the Sun. Its cooling, healing salve can provide deep knowledge of the effects of heat, and allow us to shine in balance. Mulla Mulla, growing as it does in desert heat, restores life and tone to the dry and burnt out.

Red Helmet OrchidRed Helmet Orchid
gives sensitivity and respect, and represents father-child bonding. The flowerÕs glowing red hood and stamen represent hot, angry male energy and symbolise the balancing of rebelliousness and hotheadedness. It promotes consideration for others and a suspension of combative male rivalry.

Sunshine WattleSunshine Wattle
gives optimism and the ability to accept joy and beauty in the present. This floral Sun represents light and happiness in our lives and the expectation of an abundant future. It enables us to disengage from the struggles of the past and look at the richness we have around us now.

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