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Sun Opposition Pluto

Specific Sun Opposition Pluto Themes

Sun Opposition Pluto aspect is not an easy one. Be it in the natal chart or in transit, the deep (even karmic) desires of one with such aspect to dominate others in his/her relationships becomes accentuated by how unreasonable such desires really are. In fact, these desires usually surface and become clear demands.

That can create enormous problems, not only with close ones, but even with any form of arbitrary authority, i.e. bosses, government officials, etc.

Additionally, even if your motives are perfectly valid, is not a good think to attempt to control anyone. Research indicates a severe level of frustration and disappointments if such is attempted. Sun Opposition Pluto is such a powerful aspect that it can turn out even more intense than I have just described. The classic example is that you become entangled somehow of somebody else’s attempt to control you! There may be subconscious signals operating if that is the case, and you should take a deep look if you somehow are not allowing this to happen.

Sun opposing Pluto may also symbolize intense internal conflict. This may or may not be accompanied by an external conflict. The internal conflict will usually be about issues of power, though it may also involve issues of sexuality, truth, or spiritual struggle. Again, it is only be recognizing and positively confronting your shadow side that you will resolve your inner conflict.

Because your sense of identity (Sun) is so insecure, your ego-defenses will not admit the presence of any negativity or shadow in yourself. Thus, you give evil free reign to work its destruction. Whether you are cast in the role of victim or victimizer, you have lost all control over the subconscious darker forces symbolized by Pluto. If victim, you preserve your illusion of innocence, through you have internally set up the mechanisms to attract and hold the abuser to yourself. Your identity is that of the victim, and you refuse to part with that which gives your ego its identity. If victimizer, you are blind to your abuse of power. No wo/man identifies yourself as a monster, and therefore the monster within your breast is free to grow, consuming your identity and destroying your soul.

Of course, the outcome of your insecurity may not be so final and devastating. The subconscious, in its efforts to protect the ego from total self-destruction, may employ defense mechanisms involving confrontation, suppression or projection. If a confrontational defense mechanism is employed, you may continue to combat the external manifestation of your shadow with no resolution to the conflict. The conflict becomes your identity in life and you never have to deal with your internal shadow.

If suppression is used, you simply ignore, blindly, those Plutonian aspects of life such as power, sexuality and death. You may be continually confronted by them, but since they make you uncomfortable, you pretend they are not there. Your fear of these natural elements of life and what they symbolize on the cosmic level makes you prudish and/or neurotic. Your subconscious, nevertheless, keeps bringing up these issues in order to try to get you to confront them and begin the process of your internal psychological liberation.

The third common defense mechanism is projection. When you project your suppressed psychic content onto another person or institution, you may be overcome by the very power that you project onto others. You attract people who exercise power, often in an abusive manner. One manifestation of your negative projection is that you live your life through your attachment to one who is more powerful and more charismatic than you. Another manifestation is that you may be involved in an abusive relationship. 1

The literature is also great on the benefits of Sun opposed Pluto aspect. The diametrically opposing energies of Pluto and the Sun can greatly energize you. This can allow you to succeed in your ambitions, specially if you are careful not to create enemies and unnecessary opposing forces.

Since the energy scope is so intense in this aspect, there can be health problems as well. Nervous system can become overloaded with such intensity. Some physical activity to relief this tension is indicated and can help balance things out, until the opposing winds subside a bit. As in any extra challenging aspect, if the challenges are met with the correct integration of energies, you may just reach higher and attain more than you expected.



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