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Sun-Pluto Aspects

General Themes Of Sun-Pluto Aspects

sun-pluto aspectsSun-Pluto Aspects can bring profound changes in your life. In fact, most likely, your ambitions will be a dominant part of your psyche, i.e., you will attempt to do what it takes to achieve them.

The emphasis here, as well with all Pluto-Sun interchanges, isemphasis to creatively develop a special purpose in life.

Natally, this is could be expressed as a form of special destiny, where in transit, the desire toattain something very special at almost any cost.

In general, any aspect of Pluto with the Sun indicates a strong urgent desire, great intensity, willfulness, secrecy about motives, and even ruthlessness to do something, express oneself in a special way, or transform oneself in a most radical way.

Usually, these aspects seem often more difficult when found in women’s charts than in men’s. This is the case (specially with challenging aspects) since these aspects relate to the father, or father figure, where communication can be very difficult. In some cases, deprivement of love is not uncommon, or the women seek a powerful husband, even if such type is ruthless or criminal in some ways.

Some research also indicates that Sun-Pluto Aspects  in the charts of men lead to an extra close tie with a woman (often the mother). This kind of closeness shown by Pluto and Scorpio is the closeness of absorption, wherein one person is absorbed into the other, thus leaving the one absorbed with no individual identity. Objective perspective on all relationships is needed often, but critical if Pluto aspects the Sun in the natal chart or by transit.

Additionally, Sun-Pluto Aspects  can promote in some form the identification with symbols of prominence, or representatives of a selected body of knowledge. The an absorption of the icons or figure allows the inheritance of the most essential characteristics of such figure. A student of Chemistry may so greatly identify him/her self with the great chemist Linus Pauling, his very essence, his very driving force becomes almost symbiotically, the essence or the driving force of the inheritor.

The literature is quite extensive on Pluto aspecting the Sun, but the most agreed upon themes seems to be both the promotion of a cyclic regeneration of an individual’s personal creativity and purpose, and possibly a “special” sense of destine or important accomplishment(s).

Specific Dynamic Themes Of Sun-Pluto Aspects

Close relationships and their deep effects on the psyche are at the core of the dynamic aspects between Pluto and the Sun. These challenges can be overcome, but most likely, great effort will be necessary.

Sun-Pluto Aspects, when used positively, can bring great awareness to the relationship’s growth patterns.

If the Sun symbolizes the outer mode of the relationship, Pluto here will carry the relationship’s shadow- the issues which lurk deep down and that ultimately need to surface in order for the relationship to evolve.

When used negatively, there may be a deep inner desire to transform the “other” in a relationship in order to mold him/her to one’s sense of what the partner should be. This, most often than not, proves to be futile and destructive. It is advised that those with challenging aspects between Pluto and the Sun, be aware of the true motivations of their efforts, particularly in their closest relationships.

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