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Sun in the Seventh House

☉ Sun in the Seventh House

The Sun
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

Sun in 7th House Meaning – Focus on Relationships

The seventh house, commonly referred to as the marriage house, deals with other types of partnerships as well. This includes business partnerships, public relations, the lower courts, as well as being called the house of open enemies, as this too is a sort of one-on-one relationship. Issues concerning the Descendant are centered here and, psychologically speaking, this is where we look for clues as to that which we might tend to project onto a mate. Public relations and how we interact with society as well cover still other issues surrounding the seventh house. The natural sign of this house is Libra, associated with balance and harmony, and the ruling planet is Venus, associated with our affections and pleasures.

It should come as no surprise that when the Sun is found in the seventh house, relationships of all sorts will play a very prominent role in the life of the individual. These people have a great need, as well as an accomplished ability, to identify with others and can usually create a rapport with others quite easily. The need for a life-partner is usually strong and these individuals should be warned about this need too easily turning into dependence. The need for partnership can create conflict for the more independent Sun Sign types.

Sun in the 7th House: Positive Traits

Sun in the Seventh House is a strong position for the Sun, bringing all the qualities that come with an angular Sun; strong sense of self, strong constitution, powerful will, but at this 180 degree angle, these people always need partners in order to put their tremendous capabilities to work. Until they have found the appropriate partner, they will seem to drift from one thing to another. This is true of love partners as well as business or professional partners.

Those with the Sun in the seventh house in a fixed sign, no other planets in the seventh house, and no unrelieved afflictions, will probably take their time about finding a partner and then remain with the same person for life. Such people are inclined to be somewhat emotionally dependent and, if the partner breaks off the relationship, leaves, or dies, may feel that their lives are shattered.

Those with the Sun in the 7th house in cardinal or mutable signs, or with other planets in the seventh, are not likely to remain with one partner, and some will change partners regularly throughout long, lusty lives, perhaps even maintaining several long-term relationships at once. Their need for a partner usually finds them married at a very early age and, as an angular Sun is a sign of life-long growth and development, they often outgrow these early relationships and move on to greater challenges in their love lives as their capacities grow. They usually have a philosophy of life that suits their style and needs, and so will be advocates of free love, open marriage, or something of the sort – privately if not publicly.

As long as they have a dependable nature, the people with the Sun in 7th house can support whole tribes of admirers, dependents, employees, and such, standing gladly at the center of movements, special interest grouips, cults, etc., as a father or mother figure. They have a great sense of purpose and make good leaders, but whether for good or evil must be indicated by other factors, as their sense of being right is so strong that they can take large numbers of their fellows a long way down the wrong path. (Stephanie Camilleri)

A Seventh House position of the Sun suggests duality and opposition, since the Sun (self) is primarily concerned with other in this house. This is not a strong placement for expressing your personality, except that your personality can shine when engaging in one-on-one relationships. Potentially, you can be conflicted about your self or you may take your self-worth and self-identity too much from other people. The issue to be faced by you, therefore, is to develop a strong sense of being, independent of others.

One can give only what one has and, in order to be real in a meaningful relationship, you must be present to yourself. If you develop this strong sense of self, then you can more fully develop that self by engaging in relationships. Whether from a position of strength or a position of dependency, you are likely to spend much energy and attention on relationships with others. Prime relationships (marriage, business partnership) will be very important in your life but you will tend to see all spheres of life as opportunities to meet and get to know other people.

Another talent these people sometimes possess is a keen ability to adapt and adjust to others – the ability to compromise. This is an admirable trait as long as these people know what they really believe and stick with it. Sometimes these people are too readily swayed from their own course all for the sake of harmony. Venus, the natural ruler of this house, does not like friction or disharmony. (Gargatholil)

Those with Sun in the Seventh House must depend largely on others for opportunities to exploit their creative talents. Through the people they meet and deal with, they will achieve recognition for your accomplishments. Once they get the approval that they need to be reassured of their capabilities, they can use your authority to achieve their goals and objectives. They need to gain public support for the programs they initiate, so they must find a way to win converts among their competitors. (Robert Pelletier)

The potential for building very warm, balanced, harmonious relationships exists. However, this may, for some, turn into a fear of intimacy making them shy away from contacts of genuine depth in favor of becoming insincere flirts. Partnership issues again come to the fore after marriage as the affairs of these people generally improve after making a commitment to a partner. Perhaps the spouse may help out in a business as well as in the home.

In the 7th house, the Sun indicates that they’ve come to the Earth to discover theirself through the contact they make with other human beings. This mirroring is crucial, for it’s the way they plug into Cosmic Central. Every time they relate to someone, every time they even consider relating, they energize yourself. The pitfall lies in believing that the other person is the energy source. The challenge is to maintain the self-awareness they create through relationship, so that their awareness continues even when relatedness isn’t present. In that way, each new encounter, whether with the same or a different person, builds on a previous foundation, the comprehension of who they truly are.

With the Sun in the 7th house their natural partner embodies essential power and visible dignity. This peron’s life-purpose should affect them deeply; they feel yourself responding, moved by the sense of meaning in their partner’s journey. Their mate must have a stronger-than-average will, a central core with real power. There’s a radiance that others besides them can see.

For the people with the Sun in 7th house a natural partnership stimulates their pride, not the false glory of ego-centered vanity, but the pride that results from recognition of their essential wholeness, and from the increasing ability to express theirself in open and fulfilling ways. It should clarify their life; and though it cannot hold the limelight – that is for the self alone – it must occupy a position near center-stage in their existence. The image is dawn, with the sun breaking through the clouds, rising to warm the earth and evaporate the mists. (Bill Herbst)

Sun in the Seventh House: Negative Traits

You tend to identify yourself in terms of the inter-personal relationships in which you are involved. Your constant involvement with other people generally marks you as a “people person.” It may be difficult for you to see yourself apart from your relationships with others. Without people to relate to, you may feel cast adrift, without a reference point or even worthless. The great danger is that, rather than identifying yourself as a person who has relationships, you identify yourself merely as the partner in a relationship, becoming an appendage or reflection of your partner. (Gargatholil)

A 7th house Sun indicates that these people often attract close friends that are loyal and strong; principles of the Sun are at work here as well as the Descendant – what we project onto others. Although this placement obviously favors relationships, some astrologers tend to look upon this placement as somewhat unfortunate. I, by no means, wholeheartedly concur; but, for the sake of principle and fairness, let’s look at this opinion of this position.

It is claimed that in the seventh house control passes into the hands of others. What we project (Descendant) is our solar powers when the Sun is posited in the seventh house. The Sun is our power principle and will; and, when we project this into the hands of others, it is believed by some, that control passes to them. This is the theory behind the claim that this placement may be somewhat unfortunate. Now, undoubtedly, for some this may be true; however, Lao Tzu once said that woman conquers man through her acquiescence, or something to that effect. Whatever the case, this is obviously a point to ponder with the Sun in the seventh.

You can actualize the transcendent potential of Sun in the Seventh House when you learn sublimate your ego. This will begin to happen when you realize the importance of relationships and you become sensitive to the feelings of others. This results in a strong sense of “we”, which makes cooperation easy. Imbued with the belief that “no man is an island”, you radiate your personality to whomever you engage in a relationship. (Gargatholil)

The face that the Sun in the Seventh house native tap into power through relationships doesn’t mean they need to be with a partner twenty-four hours a day. In fact, it is essential that once they have established a significant relationship, then use the energy it generates to further their own singular pursuits. Thus, the pitfall is the tendency to become overly dependent on their partners, to feel incomplete without them, and, as a result, to diminish their sense of self. The challenge is to create partnerships that are mutually supportive to the unique life-paths of both partners.

If, for any reason, they experience confrontation rather than negotiation, defiance rather than compromise, or opposition rather than co-operation, their life-purpose falters. The more they are able to see and understand the other’s point of view – without giving up their own – the more vital their life becomes. Back away from relatedness when compromise is temporarily impossible. See the ebb and flow as natural, not as winning or losing. Anything can be negotiated between partners if there is sufficient time, interest, and good faith. So look for partners who will negotiate with you, partners who understand that compromise does not – and should not – require winners and losers. (Bill Herbst)

Those with Sun in the Seventh House are easily intimidated by people who question their motives, and they resent having to explain their actions to anyone. Still, if they try to be understanding of others’ motivations, they will have every chance to justify their position on issues and their reasons for acting as you must. Their sweeping command of language will be an asset when they are challenged, for few can resist the persuasiveness of their delivery. With a formal education, they can win over the most unyielding adversaries.

Your most persistent opponent is yourself. Even the slightest doubt about your ability to win in competition can be devastating to your self-image. You unconsciously create situations and foes that stimulate you to prove that you could win in spite of the odds against it. When you were young, you might have had some difficulty in accepting this responsibility, because your training caused you to doubt your ability to compete successfully. With experience, this attitude could change. You will grow more self-confident and learn to roll with the public criticism that is often levelled at peole in authority. On the other hand, the public admires and respects those who distinguish themselves by their achievements. (Robert Pelletier)

What is paramount to remember is that with this position the individual with the Sun in the 7th house will shape their identity through relationships and interacting with others. If this position is afflicted, there may be a marked inability to trust, a lifelong quest for a father figure for either gender, an attraction to absconding with someone else’s identity – this being an ulterior motive for associating with powerful, influential, or famous personalities. Also, if afflicted, they should be cautioned about insincerity, dominating or allowing themselves to be dominated by others. A 7th house Sun indicates that they should not force their will on others and should remember that the seventh house deals with projection. If the motives are pure, the returns on your investments may be priceless beyond measure.

Do not become One with another, but instead stay in the dynamic, unresolved polarity of two-ness!

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