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Specific Sun Sextile Pluto Themes

In contrast with the abrupt intensity of the dynamic aspects, Sun Sextile Pluto offers you a chance to work with relationships but in a most creative, and non-threatening way. It is almost the best of both worlds. You have the energy to change things, and the ability do to so.

Sun sextile Pluto symbolizes the occurrence of opportunities for personal growth and transformation in the midst of crisis and soul searching. From time to time, you are given the opportunity to face yourself honestly and to remove from your character those traits and habits that are offensive by their being of a lower order than is appropriate to your conscious development. These opportunities are likely to come in times of personal crisis, which may be external or psychological. Such crises are not likely to be devastating in their intensity or scope, and therefore may not force you into a realization of what must be done if the self is to progress on its path of development.

If your focus is on enhancing your power, control or sexuality, then the sextile may symbolize your relatively easy access to these things. These more mundane functions that are symbolized by Pluto may actually be helpful to you in reaching your goals and, thus, in building your self-esteem and identity.

Occasionally, the Sun-Pluto sextile may symbolize that the death of someone else may present you with certain opportunities.

If either the Sun or Pluto has a difficult aspect from another planet, the sextile suggests that you have opportunities to relieve the stress that is associated with the difficult aspect. If the Sun is involved in a difficult aspect with another planet, chances are that empowering yourself will be instrumental in reaching a solution to the problem associated with the difficult aspect. Empowerment, gaining control over the situation and even, sometimes, expressing your sexuality may also be helpful modes in dealing with the difficulty. Penetrating insight may also help in dealing with the difficulty. For some individuals, relief may be found through sexual outlets or by employing the occult. If the difficult aspect is to Pluto, then help may be found in resolving your crises through tapping your inner strength, though a strong sense of your own identity or through clear and illuminating insight.

If you are unwilling to subject your ego to the threat of honest self-examination and consequent change. crises may indeed occur, which seem to be part of the ordinary ups and downs of life, you does not pay much attention as to any underlying cause. Thus, no lesson is learned and no growth occurs due to the crisis period. The effect symbolized by this aspect is suppressed. 1

The literature recommends that you should work within groups of people rather than alone. Pluto’s energies are not well integrated if used exclusively for personal gain. Pluto is, afterall, a transcendental planet.



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