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Can You Find Love and Romance on the Road? Find Out What Your Zodiac Sign Says

Can You Find Love and Romance on the Road? Find Out What Your Zodiac Sign Says

Romance on the Road: Will You Get Lucky on Vacation?

The Sun, the shimmering sea and no tedious work to dampen your spirits. You’re due for a break and you intend to make the most of your vacation by experiencing a new romance. So you meet the tall, dark handsome stranger on a beach and it feels utterly meant to be. Will it last, or will you return home lamenting about what might have been?

Oddly enough, Pisces -– certainly not the most courageous of signs — may have the best chance of making a connection that endures. Pisces can get quite Scorpio-like when away from home: passionate, possessive and determined. They won’t let go easily.

Leo, despite being a fixed and therefore stubborn sign, can be impulsive when it comes to sudden romances, especially when the surroundings are exotic and the mood flamboyant. They don’t tend to shift gears once they’ve set their mind to something –- or someone. They might just make this new love last.

Aquarius and Sagittarius are naturally drawn to what feels slightly foreign or exotic, so they will be more inclined to leap first and think second.

That’s probably true of Aries and Gemini as well. All will relish the chance of a sparkling passion away from home. But of all four signs, Aquarius is the one with staying power and is more likely to bring their holiday romance home.

Libra will delight in making new friends on holiday but is not always happy to be swept away on a sea of passion. They’ll flirt, have fun and be slightly relieved when they get back to real life again.

Scorpio doesn’t really care for here-today-gone-tomorrow romances. They need to feel there is a soul match before they’ll let themselves be vulnerable. They may dally on holiday but if they make a real connection, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be back on the first flight after their break to make sure it continues on into the sunset.

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn are by nature slow to make up their minds about matters deeply emotional and cautious about anything that feels too far out of their normal comfort zone so they’re less likely to get entangled let alone be swept off to live on a Greek island without a care.

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