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The Sun Signs and Health

Sun Signs and HealthFor thousands of years astrology has known that there is a connection between the different sun signs and parts of the body. Below you’ll find a list of ailments that the different signs are particularly vulnerable to:

ARIES is vulnerable to headaches and accidents (often due to being in too much haste) such as cuts and burns.

TAURUS is vulnerable is weight gain and throat infections.

GEMINI is vulnerable to bronchitis, asthma and nervous strain and tension.

CANCER is vulnerable to back and stomach problems caused by worry.

LEO is vulnerable to backache and spine injuries.

VIRGO is vulnerable to migraines or bowel problems caused by worry and sometimes skin problems such as eczema as well.

LIBRA is vulnerable to weight gain as well as headaches.

SCORPIO is vulnerable to physical and mental strain caused by overwork as well as possible issues with the sexual organs.

SAGITTARIUS is vulnerable to weight gain around the hips and thighs and restlessness.

CAPRICORN is vulnerable to arthritis and dental problems as well as knee and joint issues.

AQUARIUS is vulnerable to arthritis as well as poor circulation and weak ankles.

PISCES is vulnerable to foot problems, weight gain and possible allergic reactions to certain medicines.

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