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Sun in the Sixth House

☉ Sun in the Sixth House

The Sun
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

Sun in 6th House Meaning – Focus on health

The sixth house is traditionally associated with health and work and service to others. The natural sign of this house is Virgo and its ruler is Mercury. The Sun posited in 6th house may tend to a delicate constitution, but whatever the state of health, these people are often noted for having the issue in the forefront of their minds. This, if taken to extremes, will manifest as the hypochondriac, so they are well warned not to let preoccupation with their health become an obsession.

Virgo, the natural sign of the sixth, is noted for being mentally keen and this placement of the Sun may give a talent for breaking things down into smaller portions in order to accomplish large tasks. A keen mentality may also be disposed to research where attention to detail is of the utmost importance. These people usually make excellent workers that take pride in their work. However, they will expect adequate compensation and appreciation of their efforts. If these are not forthcoming, they will normally change jobs.

Sun in the 6th House: Positive Traits

With the Sun in the 6th, the experiences needed to develop a solid ego-identity revolve around health, daily ritual and work. Without becoming unduly obsessive, those with this placement should pay particular attention to matters of self-improvement. Physical and psychological weaknesses and imperfections are often highlighted in some way so that necessary adjustments can be made.

Those with the Sun in the 6th house strive to develop skills and abilities which secure them a useful place in the employment market. A sense of personal worth, value, and distinction is obtained in this way. They ‘find themselves’ through being of service to others. (Howard Sasportas)

If you have the Sun in the Sixth House, your life direction and sense of fulfilment can be discovered through involvement in the areas of work, health and service; and applying your attention to these spheres will help to deine your sense of unique identity and offer channels for your path of development. (Haydn Paul)

Disease and the careful restoration of health are at the center of life-purpose. They’ve come to the Earth to explore and correct anything that prevents fulfillment in wholeness, both for theirself and others. Even when they are healthy, disease is still a presence in their life; it will touch them in some significant way. Often this takes form through a professional interest in health and healing. Pride and dignity are usually involved in any significant disorders. The pitfall is succumbing – quite literally, surrendering to diseases of the body or neurotic attitudes. The challenge is to re-energize through a persistent focus on wellness, to learn and practice a wide range of healing techniques. (Bill Herbst)

You are also likely to be concerned, in one way or another, with your own state of health and wholeness. Your focus on self-refinement and self-improvement can be accompanied by a tendency toward self-analysis. This can manifest as self-awareness, self-criticism or worry. You may desire to attain perfection, but you are more likely to see your imperfections. This real or imagined self-knowledge may contribute to your reluctance to take on leadership roles or to become too independent. (Gargatholil)

The people with the Sun in the 6th house tend to develop regular routines or private ‘habitual rituals’ as an ordering pattern to their life; and providing that these do not become compulsive and they do not feel that these routines are inviolable, then they can serve as a positive structuring to their days. Retain some flexibility of action and choice within these routines. Associated with this habit-forming tendency is a willingness to accep the boundaries of their situation. This may be a pragmatic acquiescence to circumstances that they feel cannot be changed, or it can be a fear of actually stretching beyond their present limitations, in which case it can become restrictive. A point to be remembered is that if they choose, they can chanvge anything in your life that fails to satisfy, once you decide to do so. (Haydn Paul)

The experience of regularity is essential for the Sun in the sixth house native. A life without discipline is no life at all. They are on the Earth to understand efficiency, to promote steady productivity in their pragmatic and spiritual goals. The actual regularity of they living depends on other factors, such as the Sun’s sign and aspects; but remember that they can enhance their access to life-energy through consistency. The pitfall is losing the forest for the trees, while the challenge is to organize the layers of self into shining effectiveness. (Bill Herbst)

These people have a need to organize their daily rituals or routines to allow their lives to run more smoothly and offer themselves a measure of security in this way. This practical efficiency lends strength to their sense of identity. Through this acceptance of routine and boundaries in life it is said they may refine the art of living at least for themselves.

You may also take your identity from your involvement in various types of self-improvement. This may range from such things as body-building to a commitment to inner work on self-refinement and purification. You generally feel empowerment, vibrancy, vitality and self-assurance from the pursuit of typically sixth house activities–work, service, attendance to duty, self-improvement and health matters. When you engage in these activities, it may be easier for you to express your personality and you may also feel more whole and self-fulfilled. (Gargatholil)

The sixth is associated with health and, it comes as no surprise, people with this placement may very well become involved in the health field. This could include dieticians/nutritionists, pharmacists, as well as doctors and nurses. Physical therapy might be another possibility as well as holistic teaching.

If the Sun in the sixth house is trine the Midheaven, or if another important planet is in the tenth house, there may be an opportunity to rise past all difficulties by means of a successful career effort.

Sun in the Sixth House: Negative Traits

A Sixth House Sun generally indicates an introverted personality. The Sun, as it were, can be inhibited from shining forth both because you tend to be self-absorbed (in your own refinement and perfection) and because your relationships toward others tend to be supportive in nature. For the Sun’s energy to flow, you must find the proper channels–organizing your energies, recognizing your duty in the world and, often, expressing yourself analytically. (Gargatholil)

Employers with the placement of the Sun in the 6th house may be too demanding or authoritarian for some tastes and it may appear sheer drudgery to work for them. Employees of this sort tend to expect many rights and to be appreciated as equals. These people are very duty conscious, however, and should be careful, since this is the house of subordination, about allowing themselves to be dominated. They are quite capable of self-employment.

Their egos are not strong with the Sun at this 150 degree angle of sacrifice; and they need a good deal of stroking by those who love them, though they will rarely ask. They are hard workers, very demanding of themselves and of others who may work for them. They yearn for the perfect work situation, with a boss who behaves like a good father – demanding, yet understanding and appreciative – though few find it.

Disgust over bad work situations often drives them to work on their own; yet this is not the answer, either. There is loneliness here, a feeling of being off to one side, unrecognized. They do best in the helping professions, as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, social workers, healers, special education teachers, or working with the underprivileged or handicapped. They can identify with those they serve, to some extent; and their need to lose themselves in work goes for a clearly recognized cause and is of obvious value. Their need for love and appreciation, if unrecognized or unfulfilled, can manifest physically as a variety of illnesses or psychological problems. (Stephanie Camilleri)

When you are inwardly insecure, you feel inadequate to the task of self-perfection and, inwardly, you reject this quest. You develop a profound sense of inadequacy and worthlessness, compounded by being fated to occupy subservient positions within society. Your reactions may include slavishness and sycophancy, criticism and back-biting of others (especially those thought to be in a weaker position), or an over-compensating sense of self-importance and need to show superiority. You may also sacrifice yourself to your work in order to try to prove your worth to yourself and to others. Thus, you are vulnerable to excessive worry and to ruining your health from stress and overwork. (Gargatholil)

They should be warned about trying to be perfect themselves or expecting perfection in others as well as we are all only human. They hate for anyone to see their flaws as they are only too aware of their faults themselves. Therefore, they usually take pride in their grooming and appearance.

If the Sun in the 6th house has more challenging aspects (square, opposition), then they may discover hindrances within their working life, perhaps requiring additional education and training to open new paths for development, or there may be difficulties in settling into suitable employment. As their identity can be associated with their work, this can have a detrimental effect on their well-being, so they may need to ensure that self-esteem is disassociated from their working status, or else it may become permanently diminished.

Instinctively, the people with the Sun in 6th house know the best way to safeguard their health and may teach this care to others. Unfortunately, for some of these people, the attention the body needs only comes to mind through illness. But, one way or another, this attending to the body will be brought to the fore. With the Sun here, if it is seriously afflicted, we might see problems with the heart or back problems should health difficulties arise.

Since the ego is so closely aligned with work and service, it is usually imperative for the Sun in the sixth house people to develop practical employment skills. They should do this without becoming obsessive about it as well as turning their attention to matters of self-improvement. The trick is not to obsess over these things. These people have a critical, discriminating eye most probably due to the influence of Virgo on this house. This strength can also become a weakness when it is negatively turned on the self and others.

With the Sun in the 6th house health may become a focus of attention, especially the relationship between body-emotions-mind and psychosomatic links. Challenging aspects may imply physical weakness or liability to illness and lack of vitality, perhaps through a sensitivity to types of food and diet. Taking care of body needs and their level of physical vigour may be required, so listening to the promptings from their body is important, and exercise may also be necessary.

The concept of body-mind wholeness may appeal, and they may choose to pursue studies in the complementary therapies or allopathic medicine. Herbalism and the medicinal use of plants may attract, especially once they have received benefits from any herbal remedies, or homoeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology and the various types of body massage and energy alignment, such as Rolfing or polarity therapy. Those with Sun in the sixth house should not forget the importance of their emotions and mental attitudes if they become involved in body preoccupations: the three are interwoven, affecting each level; and harmony and balance need to exist between all of them. (Haydn Paul)

My personal advice for the Sun in the 6th house native – Lighten up, we all die eventually. That is the bad news. The good news is to learn to live while you are alive. That is what life is for. With your discerning eye, you should be quite capable of finding your way.

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