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Sun Square Pluto

Specific Sun Square Pluto Themes

Sun Square Pluto aspect, as most Sun/Pluto aspects, seems to deal with overt power struggles. However, it seems that the square carries much association with the father (figure). In some cases, the Plutonic force is one of (intense) “dislike” of the father, in an almost inexplicable way. The literature assures that this aspect is more problematic in the charts of women than in men.

Some authors also see Sun Square Pluto aspect as a test of sorts. Perhaps a test of how you have positioned yourself in the world. Since there is much energy in these planetary interchanges, the issues of power and control of power are always amplified. Controlling power is as important as not over stepping on your car’s accelerator too much. If you do, you may at least get a speeding ticket, at most, who knows. Thus, mastering self-control could most likely become one of the prominent issues of this aspect, and of course would be part of the individual’s signature if present in the natal chart.

All of the negative experiences that are associated with Sun Square Pluto, however, are messages from your subconscious that you need to examine yourself and break away from destructive patterns of behavior and thought. Often, your attitude toward power, control or sexuality needs to be brought to a higher level of consciousness. Negative events constitute crises that are designed to precipitate a choice by you between the positive and negative poles. You are called to purge yourself of negative complexes and to search for a more authentic identity. If you respond to a crisis by changing your behavior and attitude to reflect a higher awareness, you will experience personal growth.

The subconscious can, thus, be seen as possessing a powerful drive to reduce your identity to its pure essence. This can be very difficult for you. In fact, you may find your identity totally broken down, your persona stripped away, in order to discover the Real Self. Naturally, you are likely to resist this process. One method of resistance is to displace the urge for finding the Source of your being and identity with the urge for something that is merely symbolic of that process. Thus, you may become obsessed with your drive for power, control or sexual enjoyment. In this pursuit, also, you meet with tremendous obstacles and challenges, but you are often able to turn your energy toward overpowering these challenges rather than meeting the real challenge within.

Finally, the square sometimes symbolizes the phenomenon of being blindsided. With the Sun square Pluto, you may experience the sudden negative consequences of your exercise of power (or the exercise of power by another). You may also be blindsided by issues concerning sexuality, revenge or ruthless behavior, or death. Such incidents are generally a symptom of your having ignored or suppressed the conflict that is symbolized by the Sun squaring Pluto. 1

The problem with self-control is a type of a see-saw one. If there isn’t enough control, too much energy may be wasted and actually damage the opportunity to grow, rebuild, or enhance life. But if too much control is exerted, it may out of the sudden come out, and destroy. In fact, in some cases, these aspects have been associated with even physical violence. As in all other challenging Pluto/Sun aspects, the rewards due to the possibilities for rebuilding ones life can be wondrous.



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