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Sun In The Third House

☉ Sun In The Third House

The Sun
Rules – Leo
Detriment – Aquarius
Exaltation – Aries
Fall – Libra
Represents – Power, ego
Keyword – inner self

Sun In The Third House – The Focus of Identity on the Immediate Environment

The third house is associated with communication, early schooling, left-brain activity, the immediate environment, siblings, close kin, neighbors, commerce, short-distance journeys (within the borders of the native country), etc.

When the Sun is posited in the third house, some of these things will be brought to the fore. Most of these people are referred to as “communicators” and usually are very adept at communication.

Also, this house is associated with Mercury, the ruler of the natural sign of the third house, which is Gemini. This association tends to give those with a third-house Sun a quick/mercurial mind which tends toward a great deal of mental energy and a sometimes almost insatiable curiosity.

Sun In the 3rd House: Positive Traits

In the third house, the Sun–your awareness and self-awareness–shines brightly and directly so that you see and experience the world in all its detail. The task before you, therefore—the task in which your Being is absorbed–is to know your world through your experiencing it. Knowing it, you begin to take control of it and having taken control of it, it becomes benign and useful. All the while, your concern is with what is immediately present. You must experience this world and, unless inhibited by other circumstances, you should be eager and enthusiastic is your discovery of your surroundings. (Gargatholil)

Ambition for the people with Sun in the Third House may be expressed through a drive for mental achievements. The drive for intellectual growth can be so strong for some that their motto might very well be, “knowledge is power”. The curiosity may give a scientific leaning to the intellect and communication skills could be used in literature.

The ego here will often show itself through the need to communicate, especially where the exchange of knowledge is concerned. No matter how sharp the intellect or how adept the communication skills, these people generally feel that there is always room for improvement.

With the Sun in the 3rd house, they are fascinated with the stimulus provided by any natural or human environment. Quality is less improtant than quantity, content less important than form, for in their life it is the sheer kineticism of activity at the surface that provides the essential energy for all other life processes. Depth has less meaning than breadth. Additionally, simple day-to-day activity is crucial. Where there is no kinetic movement, there is no vitality. The central challenge of their life is to discover the infinite variety of that which is not-self, to fuel theirself from that diversity, and to move energetically through the environment.

The people with the Sun in the 3rd House should learn to respect their own thoughts and ideas and not just those of others, although they are usually most enthusiastic when learning something new. The third house, being associated with the immediate environment, also tells us most of these individuals want to be seen and heard as well as valued within their environment.

The Sun in the 3rd house indicates that the essence of their life-purpose is in the evolution of concrete mentality. The development and use of rational intelligence become paramount. Pride is directly tied to the development and expression of their intellect, as is its negative shadow, shame. The view that all experiences in life should be seen as learning experiences is in some ways true for us all, but it is specifically true for 3rd house Sun individuals. For they, learning is at the center of all things; and logic, rationality, and categorization are all ways life-energy is absorbed and transformed for personal use.

The Sun at this communicative angle is an excellent position for teachers, writers, actors, performers of any kind, or for any position in television, film, advertising, publishing, or communications. They have a facility for transmitting information, ideas, and new ways of looking at things.

They depend more than others on the ability to communicate with words, since development and use of the nervous system’s rational capabilities are so strongly indicated as a key to life-purpose. They want to shine through their words. As usual with the Sun, the sign and aspects reveal the tonal quality of communication and speech patterns. But whatever the sign, whatever the interplanetary connections, the issue of communication is central. Anything that can’t be understood through thinking or speaking has lowered value in the evolution of self. Communication is a battery change, filling the tank of life-energy.

Good companions, the people with the Sun in the 3rd House usually have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. They usually have at least one brother who is important to them. If not, establishing a permanent brotherly relationship with a male friend is very necessary. They are good neighbors (unless there are afflictions) and usually work to keep up relationships with friends, family, and neighbors, organizing get-togethers, relaying news, and so on. If they get into politics, it is usually more because some group needs a spokesman than because of their own hunger for power or the spotlight.

They don’t like to be stuck in one place, and will go from job to job until they find one that offers a lot of mobility; for instance, where they must drive a lot or can travel. If their job won’t let them do this, they will save up for vacations in far-away places.

Curiosity may or may not be a strong trait in their apparent personality. They could conceivable seem calm and self-absorbed. What is overtly visible to us depends on many other factors. But however they appear, they’re likely to experience curiosity as a fundamental source of motivation. It gets you up, gets you going; and even when life is too much, as sometimes it can be, curiosity will renew you, lifting your spirits.

Curiosity gives a broad expanse of interests, so the knowledge may be broad but; as mentioned earlier, if not focused it could be superficial. Some of the people with the Sun in the third house are good at turning ideas into reality. They tend to learn very quickly and this is also a skill associated with their personal sense of identity. Normally the mind remains active throughout the person’s entire lifetime.

The people with the Sun in the third house usually enjoy school – particularly the social aspect – and continue the study of one thing after another all their lives, though the credit aspect, degrees, etc., is usually of little interest (unless the Sun or its dispositor is in Capricorn). Basic education is central to the fulfillment of their life. It is not simply one of a number of equally important phases of growth, but rather it is the touchstone from which everything else will later blossom. If the experience of primary education is a positive one, then the child’s life unforlds with vibrancy. On the other hand, if the experience is stultifying, much of what comes later will be a struggle. In either case, the emphasis usually returns to the fundamental concepts of basic education: reading, writing, and speaking. A significant part of life’s essence is education, and with this placement especially, learning is built on the cornerstone of communication.

They generally relate well to children and have a way with them. They maintain a youthful, eager approach to life, and rarely get overweight or out of shape.

If they want to derive the utmost benefit from their natural talents, they must establish their independence as early in life as possible. The longer they delay making their own decisions, the more opportunities they will miss. It is especially important that their decisions be based strictly on their own beliefs rather than on their parents’ ideas. Thinking for theirself is the first step toward building an identity that is exclusively their own.

Sun In 3rd House: Negative Traits

You tend to identify with your immediate surroundings. You may do this actively or passively. Passively, you take your identity from the circumstances in which you find yourself. You are defined by the place you live, the friends and family with whom you interact, the facts you know, your memories and what you have experienced. If your circumstances change, if you must deal with a totally new environment, your identity may change as well. Thus, your identity may be transient and changeable, dependent as it is on your environment. This may not provide you with much security in terms of knowing who you are. (Gargatholil)

Mental energy should be focused if it is to be used to the utmost effectiveness. Some of the individuals with the Sun in 3rd House may find this a bit difficult, as their curiosity may take them hither and yon, so to speak. Also, their facility for communication can tend to them being overly talkative.

On a more cautious note, if this position of the Sun is afflicted, it could manifest as problems with early schooling, sibling rivalry, intellectual arrogance and a tendency to push their ideas down other people’s throats. With the intellectual gifts generally granted by this Sun position, the aforementioned warnings should not be too difficult to put to use.

Sibling rivalry may also rear its head as this is the house of siblings. With the Sun in the 3rd house, it is doubtful that these individuals will deal very well with being “outshined” by siblings. However, much depends on aspects to the Sun as well as the Sun Sign.

Mercury also grants flexibility to a third-house Sun so that they can adapt to, and communicate with, many different types of people. They should endeavor to keep their opinions from becoming rigid and to remember that communication also involves listening. They will derive considerable enjoyment and stimulation from communicating with others, and the exchange of ideas and personal perspectives will prove to be highly valuable. This opens them to the multifaceted ways of looking at life and the world, pointing towards different areas of interest of which they had previously been unaware. A tolerance of other points of view can develop; but they may tend at times to become intellectually arrogant and too self-assured in the rightness of their views.

More important than merely talking about what they hope to achieve is the need to physically apply theirself to that objective. It will mean hard work; but few alternatives will give the same yield. They will have no difficulty convincing superiors of their capabilities, and their chances for improving their position on the job are better than most other people’s. The people with the Sun in the third house  may have to make some sacrifices on their way up the ladder, but such an investment will pay handsome dividends. Don’t be afraid to help someone who is in a similar position, for that can be an investment also. Those they help will reciprocate with favors when they need help in the future.

In relationships, you may need to open to the variety of others’ individual expressions, and to share whatever you feel might be of some use to them, such as your information, knowledge or understanding. This can minimise any tendency to force your worldview on people, or those projections of power and authority that can distort your relationships if mishandled, and which derive from those needs to be assertive within your sphere of influence. Be wary of adopting an intellectually dilettantish approach, that of the ‘accumulatory magpie’, where information and knowledge is expressed in a style designed to gain admiration and social approval, and yet is inherently superficial and unintegrated. If aspects to your Sun are challenging (square, opposition), then you may have experienced some difficulty in absorbing information properly, perhaps an interrupted school life or an inability to know what to do with your knowledge or a struggle to convey this to others. More application on gaining intellectual clarity and articulacy may be necessary prior to your potential progress. The prospect is that your identity becomes defined and assured through deepened communication with others, and that by living from your light you are able to help others to develop their unique perception of the varied world in which we live. (Haydn Paul)

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